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As with many MMORPGs you select a character and fight monsters to gain experience. MU is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins to frightening ones such as the Elite Yeti or Gorgon. Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items. For more information regarding monster types and descriptions, refer to the Official Global Webpage.

Outlaws and Heroes[edit]

Outside of a duel, PvP fighting is possible but discouraged. When one player attacks another, a self-defense system is activated, in which the attacked player may kill the aggressor within a time limit. Self-defense is also activated when a player attacks an Elf's summoned creature. If one player kills another without Self-defense active, he/she becomes an Outlaw, more commonly known in-game as "Player Killer" or PK. Outlaws have disadvantages during game play, depending on his Outlaw level.

  • Outlaw Warning: A normal player assumes this level after killing another without Self-defense. The character’s name becomes orange, there is a 1/8 chance that you will drop items when killed, and lose extra experience when killed by a mob. If attacked, you will still have Self-defense. If you kill another person within 3 hours of gaining this status, you will advance to Outlaw 1st Stage; otherwise, you will go back to normal.
  • Outlaw 1st Stage: On this level the character’s name becomes red. The chance of dropping items upon death is 1/4, players can attack you without activating Self-defense, the Guards attack you, and you will lose even more experience when you die from a monster. Also, the NPC shops will refuse to sell any items to you. If three hours pass without a kill, you drop to Outlaw Warning, but another kill within that period advances you to Outlaw 2nd Stage.
  • Outlaw 2nd Stage (Murderers): On this level the chance of dropping items at death is 50% and lose a substantial amount of experience when killed by a monster. You are also unable to warp. Players can target you as if you were a monster, and without activating Self-defense. This stage is dangerous as there is an incentive for players to become Heroes. A stage 2 Outlaw becomes almost totally black in color, and his wings, shield and weapon(s) (if any) become a crimson red color. As soon as this stage is reached, 3 hours have to pass before you revert to 1st Stage, and the timer increases by 3 hours for every additional person you kill.

To clear Outlaw status, the character must wait a significant amount of time without killing other players. The wait can be shortened by killing large number of monsters, which is generally done in one of the servers that does not permit PvP attacks, to avoid being attacked by another person. The amount of time reduced from the outlaw penalty is equal to the monster's level in seconds, and depending on the number of monsters killed, the penalty time may be dramatically decreased.

  • Hero: A Hero is a character that has killed three or more 2nd Stage Outlaws since logging into the account. The Heroes have a 1/32 chance of dropping items at death and will lose less experience when killed by a mob. The Hero status clears in one hour, though the timer is reset back to one hour after every PK killed. To become a Hero, you must kill three 2nd Stage Outlaws without letting them hit you. If Self-Defense activates, the kill doesn't count to become a Hero.

Note that the chance of dropping an item at death only applies when killed by a monster, a Guard, a Hero or a Commoner. Also, items that cannot be thrown to the floor, such as wings, items +5 or above and excellent items will never drop at death.

Character Stats[edit]

Every character has four basic statistics: Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Energy. When you gain enough experience points and level up, you can distribute 5 points freely among these stats. Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord characters gain 7 points instead of 5. When a character reaches level 220, every level up will get you 6 points instead of 5.

  • Strength: This is a character's physical strength. The more invested in this stat, the more damage dealt when striking with a melee weapon and the less chance of missing an enemy. Higher strength allows a character to equip stronger armor and weapons.
  • Agility: This measures a character's dexterity. Agility increases a character's hitting accuracy, attack speed, defense and evade rate (known in the game as defense rate). While Strength determines melee damage, Agility determines damage from a Bow or Crossbow. Some weapons and equipment require large numbers of Agility points, and every piece of Elf armor requires some.
  • Vitality: This is a character's toughness. Vitality gives a character extra HP so that it can survive more damaging hits.
  • Energy: This is a character's capability to use skills and spells. Dark Wizards and Energy Elves need large amounts of Energy to learn new spells, while Dark Knights mainly require it to use their weapon skills more often. Investing points in Energy increases maximum mana, mana recharging rate and "AG" as well as increasing the damage that a skill does.
  • Command: This is a special stat that only Dark Lords have. It measures the ability a Dark Lord has to handle the pets of nature. By increasing command, a Dark Lord may learn new spells (apart from Fireburst, which only requires energy, and Force, the spell given to new DLs). A Dark Lord that has raised a lot of command can also hold the maximum capacity of 80 guild members if he's a Guild Master.