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The availability of different types of items on MU is considered the most interesting feature of the game. Besides the normal item variety, items may contain special bonuses that are assigned almost randomly. Creating a 'perfect' (as in maximum leveled) item within the game is almost impossible. Since items can be so different, it's quite common to have your own custom set of armor.

Item level

A DW wearing a Staff of Kundun+13 in the game.

The item can have different levels ranging from 0 to 13 on the global servers and often going further on other servers. The item will change colors or even glow depending on its level. While a higher level item is stronger than a lower level item, it will also require more strength and agility to be used.

Example: Bill of Balrog +4, Elven Bow +2, etc.

  • Level 0, 1 and 2 items won't glow. These items appear normal, but some high level items have a glow even in this state, such as the Dragon Spear.
  • Level 3 and 4 items are tinted red. These items are rather common.
  • Level 5 and 6 items are tinted blue. Some weak items drop at levels 5 and 6. Greater items must be upgraded to these levels and beyond with jewels, although some can be acquired from boxes.
  • Level 7 and 8 items glow slightly. You can only obtain one of these through upgrading, trading or dropping a box (Or any "Drop" Item, like a Ring of Warrior).
  • Level 9, 10, and 11 items glow strongly. Level 11 items usually have an occasional glow of white to distinguish them from level 9 and 10 items.
  • Level 12 and 13 items glow like +9 to +11, but it has a quick white flash every now and then.

Private servers

  • Level 14 items glow like +13 items.
  • Level 15 items turn into transparent reddish objects (yet, other players see it as +14).

If the character wears a full set of the same armor, extra effects will be bestowed upon the character. A set with only level 10 or higher items will make small lights will fly around the character when he stands still and gives a 5% total defense boost. A set with level 11 or higher items only will add lines of energy circling around the character giving a 10% defense boost. At level 12 and 13, the lines will become an aura around the character and will add a 15% and/or 20% boost.

Item bonuses

Items may randomly have bonuses attached to them. They are commonly known as "options" throughout the game. These bonuses make the item stronger. These bonuses, similarly to an item's level, can be increased using a Jewel of Life. The levels range in increments of 4 (ex. +4,+8, +12, +16, and 28) on armor and swords, and increments of (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) on shields. The maximum bonus on an armor or weapon piece is +16 (on regular MU ONLINE) or +28 (on private servers), or +20 (on regular MU ONLINE) or +30 (on private servers) defense rate on a shield.

Example: Bill of Balrog +4+8, Elven bow +0+12

  • Weapons: The bonus increases damage.
  • Armor: The bonus increases total defense by a percentage (Rather than a constant value), which can prove to be extremely useful.
  • Shields: The bonus increases the defense rate, which affects the probability of the character being hit by an enemy.

Luck items

When an item has luck, Jewels of Soul will have an extra 25% chance of succeeding (making the passing rate 75%). When using the Chaos Machine, it will then have a 75% chance of upgrading to +10, and a 70% chance of upgrading to +11, +12, and +13. If an item does not have luck, it will only have a 50% chance of succeeding with Jewel of Soul up to +9, and when using the Chaos Machine, it will only have a 50% chance of upgrading to +10 and a 45% chance of upgrading to +11, +12, and +13. Most importantly in combat, luck gives an extra 5% chance of hitting critical damage for every luck item the character is currently wearing.

Excellent items

Very special and rare items that can give an extra and powerful boost to your items. An excellent item will glow the colors of a rainbow, and its text will appear in a fluorescent green color. An excellent item will have additional properties which vary from increasing total mana, to increasing overall damage. An excellent item can also increase in level, have a luck option, and have a bonus option just like normal items. Excellent weapons and armors have different bonuses. Pendants are classed with weapons, and rings are classed with armors. Before the item's normal name is the word "excellent."

Example: Excellent Elven Bow.

Regular excellent items can have one or two excellent options.

The bonuses for excellent weapons are:

  • Excellent damage rate +10%
  • Increase (wizardry) dmg +level/20
  • Increase (wizardry) dmg +2%
  • Increase attacking (wizardry) speed +7
  • Increase life after monster + life/8
  • Increase mana after monster + mana/8

and for excellent armor & shields:

  • Defense success rate +10%
  • Reflect damage +5%
  • Damage decrease +4%
  • Damage Drain +4%
  • Increase HP +4%
  • Increase mana +4%
  • Increase zen after hunt +40%

Ancient items

Even more rare than excellent items. These items have their defense/damage values increased beyond the levels of excellent items. Ancient items are characterised with text the same color as excellent items and a blue background behind the text. A blue glow will appear around the outside of these items. Each set has a different ancient metal and unlocks different options. The item carries the prefix of the appropriate ancient metal, for example, Apollo Pad Pants or Heras Skull Shield. Each set has a specific metal, and not all sets can have ancient metals. Along with the same options as excellent items, ancient items can additionally have the following "set" options that are only applied when your character is wearing more than one ancient item of the same set. The options are unique to each set. For example, a Gaion Storm Crow set has the following options:

  • Ignore enemy defense 5%
  • Double DMG rate 15%
  • Increase skill dmg +15
  • Excellent DMG rate 15%
  • Increase excellent DMG +30
  • Increase wizardry damage +10%
  • Increase strength +30

while an Argo Spirit Set has the following options:

  • Agility+30
  • Power+30
  • Increase attacking skill+25
  • Double DMG rate 5%

Armor Sets

These are the armor sets that are used by the characters. The sets are made of Boots, Gloves, Pants, Armor and Helm. The Magic Gladiator cannot wear a helm so its sets do not include helms, therefore giving this character class a disadvantage. The armor a character is wearing provides an easy way to guess a character's experience and overall power. Some higher level characters who are not able to afford more expensive armors may be mistaken for a low level. Wearing a complete set of armor where all the pieces come from the same armor set gives a bonus to defense rate equal to 10% of total defense.

The sets that a Dark Knight can wear are (In order of strength from least to greatest) Leather, Bronze, Scale, Brass, Plate, Dragon and Black Dragon, once a Dark Knight has completed the class change quest to become a Blade Knight, he is able to wear new sets of armor like Dark Phoenix, Great Dragon, Dragon Knight and Ashcrow. Dark Wizards are able to wear the Pad, Bone, Sphinx and Legendary sets. Once they become Soul Masters they can also wear the Grand Soul, Dark Soul and Venom Mist sets. Elves can wear the Vine, Silk, Wind, Spirit and Guardian sets. Once they become Muse Elves they can also wear the Divine, Red Spirit and Sylpid Ray armors.

Magic Gladiator are a special class that can wear any of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard sets. However they cannot wear any of the Blade Knight or Soul Master sets, nor the DK's Black Dragon set. Since they can't have the complete set because of the inability to wear a helmet, they don't gain any bonuses in Defense or Defense Rate. To make up for this they are given their own sets that other classes can't wear. These are called the Storm Crow, Thunder Hawk, Hurricane, Volcano and Valiant.

Like the Magic Gladiator, the Dark Lord can also wear some of the Dark Knight armor: the Leather, Bronze and Scale sets, on certain private servers they can also wear Dark Wizard armor: Pad Set, Bone Set, Sphinx Set, Legendary Set. However, they are also given their own unique sets. These are named the Light Plate, Adamantine, Dark Steel, Dark Master, Sunlight and Grand Champion.



Swords are either one-handed or two-handed. They come with a variety of skills including Uppercut, Falling slash, Lunge, Cyclone and Slashing. Swords are usable by Dark Knights and Magic Gladiators, altough some have no class restriction (Such as the Blade).


Axes are like swords, but they are stronger and attack more slowly. They are usually two-handed. The strongest axe a Dark Knight can use is the Chaos Dragon Axe. It is the strongest weapon for Dark Knights, although they get better weapons when becoming Blade Knights. Elves have elven axes.

Blunt Weapons

These are heavy and strong, made to crush bones, but are very slow. They are used mainly by Dark Knights, but the Elemental Mace can be used by elves and is usually accompanied by an Elemental Shield.


Bows and crossbows can only be equipped by Elves. The bow must be placed in the left-hand equipment slot, while the arrows must be placed in the right-hand one. If an Elf runs out of arrows, she will be unable to attack. All bows may have the Triple Shot skill.


Crossbows, as with bows, can only be equipped by elves. They are similar to bows. The ammunition type they require are bolts. These can also come with the Triple Shot skill. The crossbow must go in the right-hand slot and the bolts in the left-hand slot.

Spears and Scythes

These are powerful two-handed weapons that usually combine power and speed. They are very popular, and usually require less strength and more agility. Elves may also use these, but they won't be very strong with them. Only with weapons of this class equipped can you use the Impaling skill. You can tell whether a weapon is a spear or not (and thus Impale-compatible) by looking at how your character holds the weapon. If the character holds the weapon diagonally, it is a spear.


The staffs in Mu aren't very strong for physical attacks, but instead increase the power of the spells cast. These can only be equipped by Dark Wizards and Magic Gladiators.


Some Shields can be used by any character class, although most are designed specifically for one class only. The Grand Soul Shield, for example, is the best shield that a Dark Wizard can wear and is worn with a one-handed staff. There are also Elf-specific shields that are worn with an Elven Axe or Elemental Mace. The only skill they can come with shields is the defend skill.


These weapons can only be wielded by Dark Lords. They tend to have more inherent speed than most one-handed weapons and increase a pet's damage.


Giant-monster attacked in air.

Wings provide a powerful increase in damage and decrease in damage received for a character, and also allow you to tell that a character is over level 180. Wings allow a character to hover over the ground instead of walking, and are faster than walking or running. They may have options attached, such as Automatic HP Recovery, and they also allow entrance into Icarus. To use first stage wings, the character must be level 180 or higher. Second stage wings require a minimum of level 215 (220 in MU Philippines), making them reserved to the most dedicated players. With the beginning of the 3rd Season, 3rd Stage Wings were implemented. They require level 400 in order to be equipped. They are manufactured in the Chaos Machine, and each class has its own type of wings:

  • Satan/Devil Wings (for Dark Knights & Magic Gladiators)
  • Heaven Wings (for Dark Wizards & Magic Gladiators)
  • Fairy/Elven Wings (for Elves)
  • Dragon Wings (for Blade Knights)
  • Soul Wings (for Soul Masters)
  • Spirit Wings (for Muse Elves)
  • Darkness Wings (for Magic Gladiators)
  • Cape of Dark Lord (for Dark Lords)
  • Wings of Storm (for Blade Masters)
  • Wings of Vortex (for Grand Masters)
  • Wings of Illusion (for High Elves)
  • Wings of Doom (for Duel Masters)
  • Mantle of Lord (for Lord Emperors)

Rings and Pendants

These items provide resistance towards certain status effects, but can also provide HP recovery, mana increase and AG (stamina) increase through options. Rings and Necklaces/Pendants aren't stackable when it comes to elemental resistance, so if a character is wearing two or more of the same type, only the highest level one will be counted. However, any options such as recovery rate and excellent options are stackable.

  • Pendants – These items protect your character against certain elements that come from monster attack. A character can wear only one pendant at a time. Excellent pendants may have one or more weapon-type options.
  • Rings - There are three types of rings -- regular rings, which work just like pendants, Transformation Rings and Rings of Wizard. Transformation Rings transform your character into a monster, and you appear exactly the same as they do (including the attacking animations), only your name is still displayed over your head. The Ring of Wizard is a special drop gotten during White Wizard Invasions, which increases damage and attack speed, only one can be carried by a character at a time, and cannot be repaired. A character can wear two rings at a time. Excellent rings may have one or more armor-type options.

Guardian Items

You can equip guardians to give your character a boost during battle. However they aren't cheap and they are disposable items. They have 255 HP when they are picked up, and taking damage will lower their health values, although the amount of damage they receive depends on your character's defense.

  • Angel - Increases your max HP by 50 points. Absorbs 20% damage received.
  • Imp - Increases your attack by 30%. Your character loses 3 HP every time you score a hit.
  • Uniria - Increases your defense rate by 30% (you dodge attacks more easily), and also makes you move at the same speed you would when running. It is a mount unit, so you can use the Impale Skill while on it, but you may not enter Atlans or Icarus while riding it.
  • Dinorant - Created by in the Chaos Machine (using 10 Unirias and one Jewel of Chaos), the Dinorant is like a combination of the other three guardian items; it allows the wearer to run at the same speed as a uniria and use the impale skill, absorbs damage like an angel (However, it only absorbs 10% rather than 20% and does not increase hp) and increases damage dealt like an Imp (An increase of only 15%, as compared to the 30% of an imp). It may have extra options, like additional attack speed, more damage absorption and AG increase. It also allows the character to enter Icarus, as an alternative to wings. It comes with a DK-exclusive Raid skill, the only ranged skill a DK can use.
  • Fenrir (Black, Blue or Red) -This pet can be used by all classes, the minimum level to use it is level 300. The blue ones have a defensive power, the black ones have the abillity to increase the damage, while the red ones are the normal, they all have a special ability used to hit nearly all monsters in the screen, but has a delay each repetitious time.

One-use Items

  • Scroll of Town Portal - Using this item you'll be sent back to the map's default safe zone. An alternative to warping for low level characters and Outlaws.
  • Healing Potions - These will recover your HP.
  • Mana Potions - These will recover your MP. When your MP depletes, one potion is used automatically.
  • Antidotes - These will cure the effects of poison, a useful item to have when your hp is low.
  • SD Potion - The newest type of potion that came with Season 2. It is used to restore SD.
  • Potion of Soul - Has many effects, such as increasing attack speed, increasing resistance of lighting and ice, among others.
  • Ale - Increases your attack speed by 20 for the next minute. Your character will have a tint of red.
  • Arrows - Ammo for Bows. One arrow item can contain up to 255 arrows.
  • Bolts - Ammo for Crossbows. One crossbolt item can contains up to 255 bolts.
  • Fruit – These are made in the Chaos Machine with a Jewel of Creation and a Jewel of Chaos. There is one type of fruit for each character stat (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Energy or Command) and when used the fruit will either increase or decrease the appropriate stat by between 1 and 3 points. However, the amount of stat points that a character may earn from eating fruits is limited (but it increases with level).


These are the second most expensive, rare and useful items on MU. There are 5 different jewels, each one with its own use. According to the story, each of the jewels is a fragment of the sealing stone that held Kundun before it shattered.

  • Jewel of Chaos - It lets you combine using the Chaos Machine and is the most common. Combining Chaos with Bless and Soul upgrades your items to +10, +11, +12 and +13, however if fails, you will lose your item. These are used as a form of currency. (See Chaos Machine for more details)
  • Jewel of Bless - Allows you to upgrade your items up to +6. Its chance of being successful is 100%. This is also a form of currency in Mu. The Jewel of Bless is also used to heal fenrirs.
  • Jewel of Soul - Allows you to upgrade your items up to +9. It can also upgrade +0 items, but unlike Bless, this jewel will work only 50% of the time. If the item has luck, this chance increases to 75%. If it fails, however, the item's level may drop by 1 level or if the item is +7 or +8 it will be returned to +0. These are used as a form of currency as well.
  • Jewel of Life - This jewel increases an item's option by 1 level. It is the only way to make an item have a +16 (global) or +28 (private servers) option or a shield have a +20 (global) or +35 (private servers) option. It has a 50% chance of success, regardless of luck, and if it fails, your item will lose its option.
  • Jewel of Creation - Combining a Jewel of Creation with a Jewel of Chaos may create a fruit. This fruit, when eaten, will either boost or decrease one of your stats by 1-3 points. This used to be the rarest jewel in Mu until the Chaos Castle event started, where it's a common winning prize.
  • Jewel of Guardian - The Jewel of Guardian is used during the Castle Siege to create life stones and for the Lord's Mix.
  • Jewel of Harmony - The newest type of jewel that came with Season 2. It is used to strengthen items.


These are rare items dropped only by Golden Mobs (monsters). To open a box and find out what is inside it, it must be dropped from the player's inventory onto the ground. It could drop zen, a good regular item (+4/+5 +option and maybe +luck), an excellent item, or nothing. The boxes currently implemented are Boxes of Luck, Heaven (private servers only), and Kundun. A Box of Kundun will have a level associated with it, ranging from +1 to +5, that determines the reward.

Boxes according to mob and location:

  • Box of Luck - Golden Budge Dragon (Lorencia, Devias and Noria)
  • Box of Kundun +1 - Golden Goblin (Lorencia and Noria)
  • Box of Kundun +2 - Taikon (comes with Golden Soldiers in Devias)
  • Box of Kundun +3 - Golden Dragon (Lorencia, Devias, and Noria)
  • Box of Kundun +4 - Golden Lizard King (comes with Golden Vepars in Atlans)
  • Box of Kundun +5 - Golden Tantallos (comes with Golden Iron Wheels in Tarkan)

Other Items

  • Sign of Lord - SOLs are stackable up to 255 pieces to form a set. It is used to participate in Castle Siege
  • Chocolate Box (Pink, Red or Blue) - Randomly drops zen, a jewel, an upgraded item or an excellent item
  • Box of Red/Green/Blue Ribbon - Randomly drops zen, a jewel, an upgraded item or an excellent item
  • Star of Sacred Birth - Randomly drops zen, a jewel or an upgraded item
  • Heart of Love - Randomly drops zen, a jewel or an upgraded item
  • Firecracker - Randomly drops zen, a jewel, an upgraded item or an excellent item
  • Gold/Silver Medal - Randomly drops zen, a jewel or an upgraded item