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There are six Interests and several Essences for each sim. Each Sim has 2 Interests, one main and one secondary, and one Disinterest (an Interest they hate).

Cute (pink)[edit]

Cute Essences: Happy (smiley face), Yellow Blossom, Rose, Plum Blossom, Sunflower, Puppy, Tina Doll, Kissing Fish, Tim Doll, Purple Crayon, Yellow Crayon, Red Crayon, Garnet, Gold

Cute Sims: Bean, Beebee, Billy, Clara, Dolly Dearheart, Hopper, Jeremy, Ms. Nicole, Penelope, Pinky, Poppy, Renee, Shirley, Taylor

Sims who hate Cute: Rhonda, Violet, Sir Vincent, Stephen, Master Aran, Travis, Stephen, Vic Vector

Fun (yellow)[edit]

Fun Essences: Clown Fish, 8-Ball, Musical Note, Magic Carpet, Angry, Soccer Ball, Tiger, Hopi Doll, Topaz, Beachball

Fun Sims: Annie Radd, Cap'n Ginny, Chaz McFreely, Daryl Handsly, DJ Candy, Master Aran, Odin Revolution, Pablo, Rhonda, Roger, Sandra, Summer, Travis

Sims who hate Fun: Elmira, Ray, Ian Arneson

Geeky (blue)[edit]

Geeky Essences: Mega Lizard, Video Game, Action Figure, Sapphire, Snake, Springs, Tire, Star, Tiny Shark, Rocket, Robot, Alien, Gears

Geeky Sims: Brendan, Buddy the Bellhop, Clayton, Dr. F, Gertrude, Ian Arneson, Jenny, Liberty, Professor Nova, Rob Jarrett, Spencer, Star, Stephen, Vic Vector

Sims who hate Geeky: Chef Gino, Mayor Rosalyn, Patrick, Cap'n Ginny

Spooky (purple)[edit]

Spooky Essences: Voodoo Doll, Sad, Scary, Black Rose, Black Apple, Jack-o-lantern, Skeleton, Spider, Thorn, Amethyst

Spooky Sims: Blaine, Brandi, Cassandra, Crystal, Esma, Goth Boy, Madame Zoe, Mel the Mummy, Morcubus, Raven, Ray, Sir Vincent, Violet, Yuki

Sims who hate Spooky: Poppy, Clara, Buddy the Bellhop, Dolly Dearheart, Bean

Studious (green)[edit]

Studious Essences: Organic, Terra Cotta, Dark Wood, Light Wood, Pencil, Elephant, Moai Totem, Jade, Dinosaur Fossil, Globe, Stone

Studious Sims: Abigail, Amelia, Eliza, Elmira, Gordon, Linda, Luis, Makoto, Matt, Mayor Rosalyn, Samurai Bob, Trevor, Yvette

Sims who hate Studious: Roger

Tasty (orange)[edit]

Tasty Essences: Rainbow Trout, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cherry Blossom, Gingerbread Man, Red Apple, Green Apple, Orange, Crab, Octopus, Bacon, Amber

Tasty Sims: Chef Gino, Chef Watanabe, Chancellor Ikara, Edwin, Grandma Ruthie, Iggy, Jimmy, Karine, Maria, Noelle, Patrick, Roxie Road, Sasha

Sims who hate Tasty: DJ Candy