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This is a list of sims in MySims.

Mayor Rosalyn[edit]

Loves Studious, Likes Tasty, Hates Geeky

Mayor Rosalyn lives in Town Hall, you'll meet her at the very beginning of the game and she'll give your first objective and she'll also let you build your house and your tool shack to build stuff.


Loves Cute, Likes Fun, Hates Spooky

Poppy is a cute girl who owns a flower shop. She also has a hobby and a love for flowers so when she gives you an objective you better have cute stuff. (Flowers, Blossoms, roses, etc). She has a sister named Violet who is the complete opposite of Poppy. Poppy like bright and pretty and cute stuff and she's all ways happy and Violet like darkness and despair.


Loves Spooky, Likes Fun, Hates Cute

Violet loves dead flowers and although she loves her sister, Poppy, they are total opposites.


Loves Tasty, Likes Spooky, Hates Geeky

Patrick Rhino was a trucker until he tasted this town's food; now, this is his home.

DJ Candy[edit]

Loves Fun, Likes Geeky, Hates Tasty

DJ Candy Supergroove owns a club and loves to have fun and boogie on the dance floor. She can juggle vinyl records.

Sayings: "Shabuni?!" (DJ phrase), "Graneefa?!" (DJ phrase), "Dibby womp pan doo!" (DJ phrase)

Chef Gino[edit]

Loves Tasty, Likes Fun, Hates Geeky

Chef Gino Delicioso owns an Italian restaurant and loves pizza. He can juggle tomatoes.

Sayings: "Acheepa!" (unknown)

Buddy the Bellhop[edit]

Loves Geeky, Likes Tasty, Hates Spooky

Buddy is the bellhop of the hotel. He doesn't get guests often until the town reaches a Star 2 Level, but he still loves his job, mostly because of the uniform.

Sayings: "Eeboona!" (salute), "Daag da!" (salute)

Roxie Road[edit]

Loves Tasty, Likes Cute

Roxie wears a bee costume and speaks in a high-pitched voice that might remind some of The Chipmunks and The Chipettes. She owns an ice cream shop. Her name is a pun on the ice cream flavor rocky road. She can balance three ice cream cones.


Loves Cute, Likes Studious, Hates Spooky

Clara loves playing with her Tina doll and sneezes very often. Her middle name is Belle, so her first and middle names are a pun on the name Clarabelle.

Sir Vincent[edit]

Loves Spooky, Likes Studious, Hates Cute

Sir Vincent Skullfinder owns a museum that displays Egyptian sculptures such as Sim Tut (a play on King Tut) and dinosaur skeletons such as Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Loves Cute, Likes Fun, Hates Spooky

Bean Bradley has a rainbow tattoo on his cheek and, like Clara, sneezes a lot. As a baby, he starred in baby food commercials. Bean also plays with his Tina Doll.

Dolly Dearheart[edit]

Loves Cute, Hates Spooky

Dolly Dearheart owns a costume shop and loves to play dress-up.


Loves Studious, Likes Spooky, Hates Fun

Elmira Clamp is a librarian who hates noise, mostly because she grew up surrounded by it. Her Auntie Crumplebottom taught her, "The best mouth is a shut mouth!"


Loves Fun, Hates Studious

Roger is very athletic, doing push-ups, running in place, and lifting weights. He often needs to stop to catch his breath.


Loves Geeky, Hates Cute

Stephen Albright is a Geeky Sim with an afro and buck teeth. He took Duct Tape 101 and Advanced Tinkering in school. He plans to build bridges in the future.

Master Aran[edit]

Loves Fun, Hates Cute

Master Aran is a martial arts master who teaches Sim Fu (a pun of Kung Fu).

Chef Watanabe[edit]

Loves Tasty

Chef Watanabe has dedicated his life to the art of sushi.


Loves Tasty

Maria is a Tasty Sim who has food-related physical characteristics (cinnamon hair, peppermint eyes) and an orange dress.

Cap'n Ginny[edit]

Loves Fun, Likes Cute, Hates Geeky

As she was growing up, little Virginia wasn't like other kids; she was exceedingly rambunctious and mischievous. Ever since her grandma gave her a pirate hat and an eyepatch, Ginny has been seeking adventure all over the high seas. She owns a pirate-themed restaurant, Cap'n Ginny's.


Loves Spooky, Likes Cute

Yuki is a vampire who likes spooky anime and the British sitcom "May I Bite Your Face?" She loves to bite people, obviously.

Vic Vector[edit]

Loves Geeky, Likes Spooky, Hates Cute

Vic is better known by his screen name, AwesomElf42. Vic owns an arcade and loves medieval-themed online games. Due to his love of medieval-themed games, it is supected that he may have some role in MySims: Kingdom, due to the fact that it will be more medieval based.


Loves Spooky, Likes Geeky, Hates Cute

Brandi is famous for her lies and all of her mischief-making. She tells everyone that it is undeserved, but then again, she's also considered a liar. She has a love of the colors purple and black as seen by her clothes and hair color. She can move in at Star Level 5 and her Best Friend Reward is a Bathtub- Spider Blueprint.

Chaz McFreely[edit]

Loves Fun, Likes Spooky, Hates Geeky

An extreme sports legend, Chaz McFreely has done everything an extreme sports legend can do. Now, all he has left is to do everything to the max! He can move in at Star Level 5 and his Best Friend Reward is a Chair- Racecar Blueprint. He is supposedly based on the editor, Chandra Nair.


Loves Tasty, Likes Fun, Hates Geeky

If Iggy isn’t currently enjoying a snack, he’s preparing to do so. Mmm, a sandwich sure would hit the spot!