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What follows is a list of the Ages visited in the game of Myst V: End of Ages.


Bridge on Direbo
  • Creatures: Fireflies
  • Geography: A purple cavernous Age with underground streams and bridges.
  • Inhabitants: Esher
  • Vegetation: Strange round plants on long stalks.
  • Written by: Unknown

Direbo is the "hub" Age of the game, consisting of a small underground cavern with several "islands", linked by bridges. Each "island" contains a "linking bubble" with a special pedestal to link the player to other Ages in the game. Each island also contains a linking book on a pedestal back to various Eder Tomahn (rest houses) in the paths back to D'ni.


Bridge to an island on Tahgira
  • Creatures: Thermophilic bacteria
  • Geography: A frigid ice world of several icebergs in an endless sea.
  • Inhabitants: None
  • Vegetation: Giant mushroom-like trees.
  • Written by: Unknown
  • Slate power: Thermal steam.

Tahgira — a desolate and snowy wasteland that sits on floating icebergs, Tahgira was written as a prison Age. The worst of the D'ni criminals would be sent there to live out the remainder of their life; their graves are visible at the end of the Age. The prisoners confined to Tahgira built during their stay a complex system to heat parts of the Age. The heating system can be used to a great advantage as it attracts thermophilic bacteria which can then be walked upon. The Tahgira Slate, when used properly, can heat the Age, thus warming various frozen controls vital to the heating system.


The telescope on Todelmer
  • Creatures: Fireflies
  • Geography: Composed of tall rock spires and large telescopes.
  • Inhabitants: None
  • Vegetation: Grasses
  • Written by: Unknown
  • Slate power: Time acceleration.

Todelmer — An astronomy Age where the D'ni studied the heavens, Todelmer is an observatory complex built on stone pillars perched high above a planet's surface. A tram system runs between the two major observatories, each of which has controls to move viewing scopes. A huge blue-ringed planet is clearly visible from Todelmer; an observation pod similar to the one planned for the Age of Negilahn floats above its surface and holds the Keep for the Age. In Todelmer it is possible to manipulate time by means of the Bahro slate.


Beach on Noloben
  • Creatures: Bahro, snakes, pelicans, other sea birds
  • Geography: A small grassy island, with a large white stone building in the centre, and surrounded by a calm beach. Also features many other smaller islands.
  • Inhabitants: Esher
  • Vegetation: Tall grasses.
  • Written by: Unknown
  • Slate power: Rain.

Noloben — The "beach Age". Here Esher, a D'ni archivist who fled to the Age after D'ni's fall, experimented with the Bahro's linking powers. In a large stone building built through the island itself he kept Bahro in cages and, during his stay there, learned of their great linking powers and the Tablet that, if possessed, could control them. On Noloben, one can call upon the Bahro with the slate to make it rain for approximately 90 seconds, thus facilitating the movement of the Noloben Tablet to the Keep at the end of the Age. It is also where it is hardest to attract the Bahro, as the laboratory is guarded by their worst fear, snakes.

This Age's internal name at Cyan Worlds was "Siralehn". However, the Age's design was based on images that had circulated for years. It was already known to fans that the Age in the pictures was called "Noloben", so Cyan used that name for reasons of nostalgia.

This world can also be seen in the beginning of the Myst V Trailer.


A building on Lakiahn
  • Creatures: Laki (nearly extinct), Pirahna Birds (small vicious birds)
  • Geography: A beach-like Age, filled with palms.
  • Inhabitants: None
  • Vegetation: Grass, palms.
  • Written by: Unknown
  • Slate power: Wind.

Laki'ahn — a large, flat sandy island characterized by towering rounded rocks and palms. During the D'ni Empire, a great gladatorial arena, holding pens, and trading house were built on the Age to exploit its one natural resource: red gemstones. These stones, found in the stomach of the aquatic laki for which the Age was named after, were highly prized in D'ni. Laki were captured and killed by the Kresh, the native people of Laki'ahn, in the arena to the great amusement of the D'ni spectators. The gemstones were then removed and taken into the trade house to be sorted and presumably sent to D'ni. The main source of power on the Age is wind; when a symbol is drawn on the Laki'ahn Slate the Bahro will make a sandstorm, thus turning the windmill and repowering the Age for around 90 seconds.

Other Ages[edit]

  • Age of D'ni — The planet Earth. Contains the underground cavern of D'ni, The Cleft on the surface, and nearby Tomahna. In Myst V, players can visit the interior of a building on the island of K'veer (including Atrus' prison from the original game Myst), the inside of the dormant volcano near the Cleft, and the Great Shaft, a three mile long shaft connecting the surface to the lower system of tunnels.
  • Myst - The "hub" Age from the original game. Players may link to Myst and explore most of it during the endgame. The Age is in ruins and none of the devices are operable.
  • Releeshahn — The Age Atrus wrote for the surviving D'ni refugees. In the victorious ending, players catch a glimpse of Releeshahn, although they cannot explore it themselves.

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