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Box artwork for Mystery Of Time And Space.
Mystery Of Time And Space
Developer(s)Jan Albartus
Publisher(s)Jan Albartus
Year released2001
System(s)Macromedia Flash, Web browser
ModesSingle player
LinksOfficial websiteMystery Of Time And Space ChannelSearchSearch

The Mystery Of Time And Space (commonly known as MOTAS) is a popular online graphic adventure game created by Jan Albartus (LOGAN). The game was produced using Macromedia Flash and was an early influential example of the escape the room genre.

MOTAS was created in November 2001. At that time MOTAS was hosted on a free web server and the game featured only one room (level). In February 2002, a counter was added. As of May 2008, MOTAS has 20 levels plus the guestbook/end level. At several points, the game became so popular that bandwidth became a problem, and so the game was moved to another web host.

In MOTAS, the adventurer has to solve puzzles and riddles to unlock the doors to the mystery of time and space. The player clicks on objects in the rooms to find items. The player must often find creative uses for the items found.

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