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This page contains a listing of some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered anywhere else on this page, please add it to the relevant section here and you should receive a reply within a few days. Questions may be removed at the discretion of the authors and editors.

New Questions[edit]

If you have a question, post it here!

Not seeing item stats[edit]

Q: I have a problem with Mythos. I don't see item stats. When I have my mouse on the item in the inventory the stats don't show up. With this problem playing this game is impossible.

A: This could be a hardware issue, a compatibility issue with your operating system, or due to some change you've made to your config files. The easiest thing to try is to reinstall the game, however if it isn't fixed, your best bet is to take and post screenshots of the problem - specifically on the forums so that the developers can fix the problem (remember, it's a beta). The screenshots will help determine specifics of the problem, for example does the tooltip box even appear? When posting on the forum, also remember to export your dxdiag report (go to Start, Run, type "dxdiag" and press ok, wait for it to load, click "Save All Information", when prompted place it somewhere you can find like the desktop, then on the forums create a reply - not a quick reply - and attach the dxdiag with your message). If you don't attach the text document in your post, the developers will have little to work with when they try to assist you.

General Questions[edit]

What are the Minimum system requirements?[edit]

See the infobox listed on Mythos.

What races are currently available and which ones are expected?[edit]

Currently we have:

  • Satyr (modified from the original Elf)
  • Gremlin
  • Human
  • Cyclops

Rumored races:

  • Unknown: FlagShip has announced work on an additional race, but no information has been released.

What is the hierarchy of magical items in this game?[edit]

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow (Known as uniques, however they are actually "templates" with small randomized modifiers - just like those of Diablo II)

Equipment Questions[edit]

I have a green item, it can't be identified and there are no bonus stats, what's up?[edit]

Prefix Weapon Damage Bonus Armor Bonus
Exceptional +1 min and +3 max ??
Superior ?? ??
For more details on prefixes, see Mythos/Prefixes.

You probably have an item with what is known as a quality prefix. The item you posses probably has one of the prefixes listed in the table - these items have their base stats increased by an amount assigned by the prefix. Although no bonus stat appears on the item, the stats have already been modified to adjust for this change (currently the stats remain white).

Where can I get better rifles?[edit]

For more details on rifle stats, see Mythos/Rifles.

The top rifles in the game can be found in several locations. First of all, Dwarven Cannons (DCs) cannot be purchased anymore, so you'll have to get lucky and find one as a drop (note that you must be over level 40 to have one drop). It may be possible to get a DC from a random quest reward when you are at a high level. Like Enchanted Flintlock Rifles (EFRs) in the current patch, DCs were once purchasable at Jerico the Statue in Hermit's Crossroads. Note that EFRs are only purchasable after you have defeated Harduk. Heavy Dwarven Rifles are purchasable from the smith in Tulin's Hope, but remember that all purchasable weapons are based upon your level. You'll need to be around level 30 to pick up an EFR from Jerico, and possibly as low as 15 to get a Heavy Dwarven (level ranges not really known).

Glitch Related Questions[edit]

My character is invisible, why does this happen and how can I fix it?[edit]

Well, it's a glitch - a problem with the game where your character's avatar or model isn't displayed properly. Note that this graphic bug can occur on models other than your character's.

To fix

Press and hold Shift and press PC Mouse Left Click.png; alternatively you can use PC Mouse Right Click.png with or without Shift.

Bloodletter Questions[edit]

Skill Related Questions[edit]

  • Q: Deep Wounds & Burning Focus: do these really work with just bladed weapons/melee attacks? Do they work with ranged weapons (bow, xbow)?
  • A: Just bladed.
  • Q:Blade Shards: does it process only on critical hits from bladed weapons/melee attacks? Does the increased crit chance work only on bladed weapons?
  • A: There currently is a bug that allows the shards to explode on any melee weapon. But all ranged attacks won't work.
  • Q: Focus Mastery: does the increased crit chance apply to any attack (melee, ranged, skill) or just to normal melee attacks?
  • A: Melee.
  • Q: Is there a stat affecting critical chance?
  • A: There is, but it's not getting displayed yet. Hopefully we can add that to the details pane (Press C and you should see a tab called details ).

Pyromancer Questions[edit]

Gadgeteer Questions[edit]

Can Burning Arc score critical hits?[edit]

Like all abilities, yes.