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Box artwork for NANACA†CRASH!!.
Year released2005
System(s)Adobe Flash, Android, iOS
ModesSingle player
Latest versionv1.07
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NANACA†CRASH!! is a fan-made Flash game featuring characters from the adult game CROSS†CHANNEL. In the game, the player launches a boy (Taichi) through the air by hitting him with a bicycle. Unlike CROSS†CHANNEL, NANACA†CRASH!! does not feature adult content.

Game play[edit]

NANACA†CRASH!!'s entire object is to keep Taichi bouncing through the simple two-dimensional world for as long as possible. Upon hitting a certain girl, or stopping forward motion, the game ends, and the distance you covered is shown.


The game starts with the player setting the angle and power with which Nanaca (the girl on the bike) will launch Taichi. Setting the launch angle and power generally determines how the rest of the game will go. For best results, use mid to low angles and high power; following up immediately with a Aerial Crash down can often get an easy early-game boost started.

Note that there is a lot of randomness to the start: you cannot see the initial lineup of people so it's easy to get unlucky at the start. The best thing to do in this case is start over until you get a good start. If you get an early slow down, or angle up, you can just try again.

Aerial Crash[edit]

The player does have limited control over Taichi's flight, by using the "Aerial Crash." You are given 3 upward crashes to last your entire game session (denoted as † signs next to the red arrow), and one downward crash that recharges while Taichi is flying between the bottom and top of the screen. To activate an aerial crash, simply click the mouse anywhere when the word "AERIAL" is red or blue (denoting an upward or downward crash). You may only crash upwards when you are traveling downwards in the air, and vice versa. Also, the player can only use either crash while Taichi is between the trees and the top of the screen.

Regarding the upward crashes: because the speed and height effects of these crashes is cumulative, it is often best to use all 3 in a row without letting Taichi touch ground in between. It can be good to use them early on, since it's a waste to end the game with unused crashes, but saving them for an amazing boost later on can be very useful. Ideally, start using your three upward crashes as soon as Taichi has a decent velocity: a good minimum is over 50m/s and 60-70 feet. You should be able to get these numbers early on by getting a decent start and downward crashing into a special.

  • However, it is usually smarter to use them as a safety, as they are the only control you have to avoid hitting an undesirable character.


Once Taichi is in the air, there is an endless line of people to crash into. The upcoming characters are displayed as color-coded portraits below the "SPECIAL" box, with arrows pointing to them as they approach. Crashing into them will have effects on his flight path, as detailed below:

The girls. Most launch Taichi farther and faster.

NANACA†CRASH!! Touko.gif Red: Touko (The girl dressed in red): Punches Taichi and launches him further. Good horizontal and slight vertical speed boosts.
NANACA†CRASH!! Miki.gif Yellow: Miki (The blonde school girl): Punches Taichi into the air. Good vertical and slight horizontal speed boosts.
NANACA†CRASH!! Kiri.gif Blue: Kiri (The blue haired girl): Kicks Taichi. Intermediate horizontal/vertical boost.

These girls generally hinder Tachi's flight, so should be avoided unless you are trying for their SPECIAL (which are equally much more powerful).

NANACA†CRASH!! Misato.gif Green: Misato (The girl with glasses): "STOP!!" If Taichi runs into Misato, he will cling to her and end the game, unless a SPECIAL is in effect. See below.
NANACA†CRASH!! Youko.gif Purple: Youko (The black haired girl): "THROUGH and RUN!!" Negates the effect of the next girl Taichi would otherwise hit ("BLOCK"), unless a SPECIAL will trigger (see below). If Taichi hits one of the two boys, she will stop before reaching them and their standard effect will apply. Youko generally has a negative effect, since three of the other four girls only have positive effects, but she can save Taichi from Misato and is how you get the strong Nanaca Combos.

The guys. They only mess up Taichi's flight.

NANACA†CRASH!! Hiroshi.gif Brown: Sakuraba Hiroshi (The blond boy): "ANGLE UP/DOWN" Changes Taichi's flight path. If traveling in a primarily vertical direction, he will be diverted to a much flatter horizontal path. If traveling horizontally, he will be slowed but propelled high into the air. As horizontal flight is both more common and more preferred than vertical flight, Hiroshi's effect is generally negative, but when it changes from a vertical it is very useful. Will not trigger a C.F.F. SPECIAL.
NANACA†CRASH!! Tomoki.gif Cyan: Tomoki (The darker haired boy): "SLOW DOWN" and "DEATH?†" Slows Taichi down. Will not trigger a C.F.F. SPECIAL.


There is a meter in the bottom-left of the screen which displays when a special is ready, and which character you must hit. When the special of a certain character is active, hitting that character will produce a big, red, SPECIAL prompt on the screen. If you click PC Mouse Left Click.png anywhere on the screen before an X appears on top of SPECIAL (which happens after about one or two seconds depending on how fast the game is running), the special is activated; if not, the character's standard effect will apply.

  • Touko (red): "SUMMON!!", Triple "Boost!!" If the last character you hit was Touko, then she will be available for a SPECIAL; hitting the ground, either guy, or Misato does not negate it. When her SPECIAL is used, a wooden sword will be summoned, Touko will change costume, and she will slash Taichi and give him a huge speed boost.
  • Miki (yellow) and Kiri (blue): "Boost!!", "Boost!!/COMBINATION!!", "Boost!!" Whenever Miki and Kiri are next to each other in either order, hitting the first one will enable their SPECIAL. On SPECIAL, the two will beat up Taichi in tandem and send him far. The visuals change depending on the girls' order, but the effect is (more or less) the same.
  • Misato (green): "STOP!!", "BREAK!!", Quadruple "Boost!!" If the last female character you hit was not Youko and you have not touched the ground since then, hitting Misato will trigger this SPECIAL (hitting the guys does not cancel this). On SPECIAL, the other three girls will beat up Taichi and send him into the air, and Misato delivers the final blow. Gives Taichi a large speed boost. This boost is obviously high-risk/reward, as the game will end if Taichi hits the ground just to the left of Misato before hitting her, or if the player fails to execute the special.

Nanaca Specials[edit]

Hitting into Youko (black-haired girl) will generally block Taichi's next crash, but if Taichi hits a girl when the tens digit of his total distance is a 9 (i.e. 2394 m), a very rare "Nanaca Special" may occur. When he is in range of the second person he must hit—whether it is a boy or a girl—"vs. C.F.F." will be displayed in the top right meter, along with a pointer at whom he must hit. However, he must hit a girl for Youko to appear and block; if Taichi hits a boy, the boy's effects will take place, regardless if he is a C.F.F. opponent or not.

Once the female C.F.F. opponent is hit, the player must click at the SPECIAL prompt. If activated, Youko will appear and attempt to block, but Yusa (a light-haired schoolgirl) will teleport, slap Taichi, and use one of four "Comic Force Field" (C.F.F.) abilities on him. This is always displayed upon activation of these specials, but depending on which girl Taichi collides into, the effect will be one of the following:

  • Misato (green): Type A - Double Impact: Taichi will become green, and any boost he gets will be doubled in power. Lasts for a very limited time. Every time you hit the ground you get a boost. After hitting the ground (and/or a character? Needs verified.), five times the SPECIAL wears off.
  • Touko (red): Type B - Charge Blast: Taichi will become red, and every time he gets a speed boost from the girls, he gets a "charge". If the player would get a game over (via zero speed or Misato), Taichi will explode (and return to normal color), giving him extra boost depending on how many charges he got before.
  • Kiri (blue): Type C - Parachute Death Sentence Ver. Nanaca: Taichi will become blue, and will fly perfectly horizontally, passing over between 90 and 100 characters. The number remaining will appear to his right and count down as he flies. Once it reaches zero, he will resume normal flight. If the effect of another Nanaca special was active as this one is activated, the number of characters passed will be increased by about 100.
  • Miki (yellow): Type D - Bound Boost: Normally, Taichi will slow down if he hits the ground. This special reverses the effect; he will become yellow, and speed up if he hits the ground. He will still slow down if he runs into Tomoki, however.

If a Nanaca Special is activated while another remains in effect, the previous Nanaca Special will be negated.


Android and iOS version has achievements among other new features.

Name Description Notes Unlocks Google Play Games XP
Welcome! You've crashed for the first time. image: Nanaca on a bike 500
Crash course Reach 1500m in one jump! image: furious Touko Kirihara 500
Beginner Reach 3000m in one jump! image: Kiri Sakura with Miki Yamanobe in a swimming pool 1000
Intermediate Reach 7500m in one jump! image: Misato Miyasumi 1000
Expert Reach 15000m in one jump! image: Kiri Sakura together with Miki Yamanobe eating in the class 1500
Marathon Runner Reach 42195m in one jump! Secret achievement image: Youko Hasekura at the window 2000
Launch Pad Launch Taichi into heaven. Launch at 90 degrees image: Nanaca on the bike crashing into Taichi 1000
Perfect Crash Unmatched accuracy in crashing. Launch at 45 degrees and 100% power image: everyone at the beach 1000
Lifetime 10km Fly a total of 10km! Main menu theme music music: Funczion Sounds - On Air 500
Lifetime 100km Fly a total of 100km! Game theme music music: Funczion Sounds - Air Waves Arr.Ver 1000
Lifetime 500km Fly a total of 500km! music: Funczion Sounds - Slapstick 1500
Lifetime 1000km Fly a total of 1000km! music: Funczion Sounds - Air Waves 1500
Touko Special Perform Touko's special action 5 times. animations: Touko 500
Miki Special Perform Miki's special action 5 times. animations: Miki 500
Kiri Special Perform Kiri's special action 5 times. animations: Kiri 500
Misato Special Perform Misato's special action 5 times. animations: Misato 500
Espionage Methods Blocked by Youko 5 times in a game. animations: Youko 500
Nobleman of Love Perform all special actions in a game. animations: Sakuraba and Tomoki 1500
Comic Force Field Perform any 'Comic Force Field'. Get blocked by Youko and then crash into some girl while distance is *9X (e.g. from 1290 to 1300m of distance) animations: Nanaca 500
Grand Unification Theory Perform all CFFs in a game. Secret achievement. CFF seems to be random rather than depending on a girl. image: all girls on school roof 2000
Sudden Stop Crash with Misato immegiately after the game starts. Sometimes happens when launching at 0 degrees. image: Taichi hugging Misato 1000
Friendship is… …selfless. Secret achievement. Get crashed into Sakuraba 5 times in a single game(?). image: Sakuraba 500
Speeding Accelerated to 27.8m/s. Only horizontal speed matters. Voices are meant to be used for ringtones, etc(how?). voice: Miki 500
As fast as light Accelerated to 83.3m/s. Nanaca's aerial crashes can be used to gain speed without touching the ground. voice: Kiri 1500
Tsutenkaku Jump to an altitude of over 100 meters. Nanaca's aerial crashes can be used to gain altitude without touching the ground. voice: Touko 500
Radio Tower Jump to an altitude of over 332.6 meters. voice: Misato 1500
Karade Beginner Boost 4 times without hitting the ground. voice: Tomoki 500
Master of Karade Boost 6 times without hitting the ground. voice: Sakuraba 1000
Secrets of Karade Boost 10 times without hitting the ground. Secret achievement. voice: Youko 2000
Our Little Present Complete the tutorial. image: everyone together 500
Evangelist Post your record to twitter. image: Taichi in gas mask with Yusa 1000