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Namco Tales Studio
MergedNamco Bandai Studios
Founder(s)Telenet Japan

Namco Tales Studio, Limited is a Japanese development company founded in March 2003. Namco Tales Studio was originally called Wolfteam, but Namco renamed the company to help strengthen its brand when Telenet Japan sold part of its stake in Wolfteam, and made Namco the majority shareholder. As the name would indicate, Namco Tales Studio continues to be the primary developer of the Tales RPG series.

At the time of its renaming Namco owned 60% of this venture, Telenet Japan/Kazuyuki Fukushima retained 34%, and Tales series director Eiji Kikuchi received 6%. (Kikuchi, who was the head of Telenet's game development department for 10 years, left Telenet to head the new team full-time.) Effective on April 1, 2006, the then-newly merged Namco Bandai bought the remaining shares from Telenet Japan, cutting the last link to the developers' former employer and increasing its stockholding majority to 94%.

Namco Tales Studios remains the primary developer of the so-called Mothership titles of the Tales series, with the exception of Tales of Legendia and Tales of Innocence. Legendia was developed by an internal Namco development team called Team Melfes, featuring a unique battle system developed by some of the creators of the Soul Calibur series (also a Namco property). Innocence was developed by an independent developer, Alfa System, which also developed various spinoff games in the Tales series.

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