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Cheat Game Description
Extra Money 1, 2, 3 An early cheat in the series gives you an advantage to owning multiple games. If you have Clash of Ninja data saved on your memory card and start Clash of Ninja 2 for the first time, you will receive a shop bonus of 10,000. Having Clash of Ninja 2 on the memory card and starting Gekitō Ninja Taisen 3 will give you the same bonus for the second game, but 10,000 more if you have data from the first on your memory card as well. However, the cheat stops with 4, as you don't get a bonus for having 3 saved on the memory card since there is no shop.
Double Fire Style Jutsu 2 A new move known as Double Fire Style Jutsu can be accessed with either Orochimaru, Sasuke, or Sharingan Sasuke. Press Right control and A button for an original Fire Style Jutsu. After the fighter is done throwing the fire, quickly press Right control and A button again, but this time hold A button. Your fighter will be able to walk, jump, attack, and use combos while throwing fire.
Keep Akamaru 2 When playing as Kiba in Clash of Ninja 2, call his ninja dog Akamaru by tapping A button. While he's next to you, hold A button and you'll be able to attack with Akamaru standing by your side.
Invincibility 2 When in training mode, choose Neji as your fighter and any opponent for the CPU aside from Akamaru. Set the Chakra Gauge ON and HP Recovery ON. Step a little away from your opponent and press X button. You'll know it was executed correctly if Neji hits the opponent with one of his hands instead of both, and the Special sequence sounds but no action is taken. Don't move Neji and press Start button. Set the CPU level to 4, the highest difficulty. Still don't let Neji move and let the opponent attack. The opponent will try attacking you but won't be able to.
Easy Mission Unlock 3 On the menu with Sakura, press B button. Press Start button on the title screen, and keep repeating until you get new missions.
All Extras 4 Having data from the third game on your memory card will give you a fully unlocked extra section.