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A shop is available in most of the installments in the series. Earn money to buy items from the shop by completing certain tasks.

Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2[edit]

Item Price
Background Music Player 10,000
Gallery Mode 6,000 after buying all characters
Oboro Mode 3,500 after placing first in survival and time attack mode
Team Battle 2,500 after placing first in survival mode
View Mode 2,500 after beating story mode with any character
Akamaru 2,500
Crow 2,500
Haku 3,000
Iruka Umino 2,000
Kankuro 2,500
Nine-Tailed Naruto 5,500
Might Guy 3,500
Mizuki 15,000
Neji Hyuga 2,000
Orochimaru 50,000
Sharingan Kakashi 7,500
Sharingan Sasuke 100,000
Zabuza Momochi 4,000