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Picture Name Description
Naruto CoN stage Chunin Exams Finals.png Chūnin Exams Finals The Chūnin Exams are a type of test to test the abilities of the genin. If the genin pass, they will be considered for promotion to Chūnin
Naruto CoN stage Leaf Forest.png Leaf Forest A typical forest located in the village of Konoha.
Naruto CoN stage Tanzaku Castle.png Tanzaku Castle Tanzaku Castle was a popular tourist attraction in Tanzaku Quarters, which usually attracts tourists with gambling opportunities.
Naruto CoN stage Nine-Tailed Fox Room.png Nine-Tailed Fox Room The room of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.
Naruto CoN stage Final Valley.png Final Valley The site at which Naruto Uzamaki and Sasuke Uchiha fought in the anime/manga.
Naruto CoN stage Hidden Leaf Village Main Gates.png Hidden Leaf Village - Main Gates The entrance of Naruto Uzumaki's home, otherwise known as Konoha.
Naruto CoN stage Hidden Leaf Village Riverside.png Hidden Leaf Village - Riverside Fight next to a river that streams through the village.
Naruto CoN stage Hidden Leaf Village Pillar Chamber.png Hidden Leaf Village - Pillar Chamber A random chamber located in the village.
Naruto CoN stage Forest at Night.png Forest at Night Self-explanatory, a forest at night. Similar to Leaf Forest.
Naruto CoN stage Hidden Leaf Village Night.png Hidden Leaf Village - Night Konoha at night, featuring some iconic buildings in the background from the anime/manga.
Naruto CoN stage Forest Hideout.png Forest Hideout A secret hideout in the forest.
Naruto CoN stage Warehouse Road.png Warehouse Road A road full of warehouses.
Naruto CoN stage Shirato Street.png Shirato Street A typical village street.
Naruto CoN stage Intersection.png Intersection The intersection of village streets.
Naruto CoN stage Hidden Sand Village.png Hidden Sand Village Also known as Sunagakure, Gaara's home and a shinobi village opposite of Konoha.
Naruto CoN stage Third Training Field.png Third Training Field A training field to practice using jutsu.
Naruto CoN stage Hidden Sand Village Entrance.png Hidden Sand Village - Entrance The entrance to Sunagakure.
Naruto CoN stage Silent Shrine.png Silent Shrine A random, dark shrine.
Naruto CoN stage Akatsuki Hideout.png Akatsuki Hideout The hideout of the Akatsuki criminal organization, a group of the most wanted shinobi in the world.
Naruto CoN stage Hidden Leaf Village.png Hidden Leaf Village Also known as Konohagakure, the home of Naruto Uzumaki.