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Part 1[edit]

To start Kakashi will tell you about "Ninja Tools", he assumes you already know about them and leaves you. Run towards the book on the ground, these get Kakashi to tell you something useful.

The basics of fighting are A button to jump and B button to attack. Press B button continuously to use combo moves.


Now you have an enemy, kill it by jumping around and attacking him. Then move onto the next book.

Press R button to throw ninja tools. You start with Shuriken but will acquire new tools as you go.


You can kill your next enemy with your ninja tools or you can jump around and attack, it’s up to you. Now go ahead.

You will see an icon ahead that looks like this, /_, these are Senbon, and they fire in two directions. Kill your next enemy however you like. When you get to the top of the hill a crow will appear, it will try to attack you but you’ve got Senbon! When you throw a senbon one goes up and another goes straight.

Once you have killed the crow jump down the hole and move to the left to find a leaf symbol,If you collect all 100 you unlock Kakashi as a playable character, there are more to the left.

When you have finished collecting leaves go back up again and move right, you will find another book.

Try using a special attack. Hold down B button to build up the gauge. Different move names will appear. Release B button when the gauge is in white. If you let go when the gauge is red, it will be a failed attack.


You can kill your next enemy with this if you want, but it is time consuming compared to other moves.

When you get your next book it will read

Some jutsu won’t work on Kunoichi. Be careful.


When you kill her go down the hole and move right. You will find Sakura! She will heal you. Afterwards go left and jump across the island like with the leaf symbols, on the other side you will find Kunai.

You got a Kunai, a powerful tool.


Now go back up out of the hole and when you get the book.

Konohamaru dodges everything. Ebisu is supposed to be vulnerable to certain jutsu.


Now kill your enemy and move on.

You will find Konohamaru.

You’re mine! Here I come!


It’s very dangerous, Honourable Grandson. Please, leave it to me… I’ll take out anyone who poses a threat to my students!


Now you are in a proper fight, it’s not that hard, just use your "Sexy Jutsu" to win the fight.

You all right Ebisu?


Can’t be…


"I knew it! You’re the only one who deserves to be my rival!" or "I knew it! You're the number one rookie." depending on which character you chose.


Now you have finished the stage, save your data and go on to the next part.

Part 2[edit]

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