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Getting chapter one[edit]

When you open this game for the first time and try to select chapter one it gives you a training so it is not the first chapter. Once you complete the training (drill missions) chapter one will be unlocked.

Defeating Shikaku[edit]

  • Attack, level 2
  • Health, level 1
  • Chakra, level 0

Keep attacking his right hand until his hand is destroyed then his stomach then his left hand, but its probably the hardest. You can just attack the left one, but attacking will make more damage when he tries to attack. Don't help Neji and Lee if they are dead, only Hinata because she's the only healer.

Defeating Two Tails 1[edit]

  • Health, level 3
  • Attack, level 3
  • Amagiri's Secrets, level 2

Just keep attacking and use paper bomb and paper bomb burst or great paper bomb.

Defeating Two Tails 2[edit]

  • Attack, level 3
  • Chakra, level 2
  • Health, level 2

All the same moves from battle 1 but there is a safe zone. He can't enter the sides of lava crater.

Defeating Kuubi[edit]

  • Attack, level 1
  • Attack, level 4
  • Items, level 3

Protect Ino and attack scrolls to Yamato and Choje. Use Circle button+Triangle button when you see a red light around him. Run when he is angry and when he uses lasers from the tails and mouth, go to the side.


These are the scrolls you need to complete all missions from C to A.

  • Attack, level 4
  • Health, level 4
  • Way of the Ninja, level 10

These are the scrolls you need to complete all missions from S to SSS.

  • Kizuna Secrets, level 4
  • Health level 5
  • Way of the Ninja, level 12