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Box artwork for Navalone.
Year released1980
Japanese titleナバロン
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Navalone (also written as Navarone), is the first of three monochromatic arcade games released by Namco, in early 1980; the other two are Kaitei Takara Sagashi (which was originally developed by K. K. Tokki as a prototype) and SOS. It is a fixed/multi-directional shooter in which the player controls a boat that must move around the edge of an island trying to shoot the pellets, mines and central skull while avoiding the bullets fired by the indestructible gun turrets. All components are explained below.

Island components[edit]

NAV Island Components.png
  • 1: Boat - Use the 2-way joystick to direct it around the edge of the island, and the Firing Button to make it fire bullets from its cannon; you can only fire one bullet at a time, and if you miss, you have to wait for it to go off-screen before you can try again. Occasionally, it will flash if left out of the line of Gun Turrets' fire for too long.
  • 2: Pellets - 10 points; there are 100 of them to destroy on each round, and they will later go on to become the basic sustenance of Namco's most famous character, Pac-Man, who also made his first appearance in 1980.
  • 3: Mines - 30 points; there are 50 of them to destroy on each round, and the explosion they create when shot will also destroy any Pellets in their immediate surroundings, thus lessening the amount of time on the round.
  • 4: Gun Turrets - Indestructible; there are 18 of these to watch out for on each round, and the bullets the ones on each side will be firing at the boat when it's also on that side can easily be cancelled out by one of its own.
  • 5: Skull - 200-800 points; each time you fire a bullet at a Mine to destroy it, the indestructible wall surrounding it will rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise to try and give you a shot at it, but you can't shoot it down from the top.
  • 6: Bonus Timer - Once you've destroyed all the Pellets and Mines on the current round, the value shown on it will be awarded to you in 100-point increments (the maximum is 2000, but you will end up with less than that).
  • 7: Round Indicator - Indicates the number of the current round; once you have reached the hundredth round of this game, the display will roll over to "Round A0" and cycle through all the letters to represent the tens digit until you have cleared "Round Z5" (255), at which point the game will lock up.