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Box artwork for Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou.
Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou
Year released1988
System(s)Family Computer Disk System
Preceded byNazoler Land Dai 2 Gou
Japanese title謎のマガジンディスク ナゾラーランド 第3号
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou was the third and final "Magazine Disk" published by Sunsoft for the Famicom Disk System. This last disk was released in 1988. The full title of the disk is Nazo no Magazine Disk Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou which translates as "Puzzle Magazine Disk Nazoler Land 3rd Issue". Rather than featuring one game, it contains a collection of 6 games which would be considered "mini-games". The player selects which game to play from the menu screen.

Game Selection[edit]

Game Description

Sugoro Quiz

Nazoler Land 3 game1.png
Snakes and ladders that can shake the dice and answer the quiz. Up to four can play with one controller. There is no time limit, and no computer players, so there is more of an emphasis on party playing than the quiz game in the previous Nazoler Land.

Tomo-chan Bakuso

Nazoler Land 3 game2.png
Tomo-chan 2nd Series. Run through passages full of blocks, and clear the stage by reaching the door at the far right. There are four stages. Some floors have a "↑" mark in various places, and you can only pass on it three times in each stage.

Tanteidan boy Nazora

Nazoler Land 3 game3.png
At the start, a doctor has been locked up in this room alone. Help him attempt to escape by making full use of the equipment in the room. The state of the room is displayed graphically as you proceed.

Bingo game

Nazoler Land 3 game4.png
Much less of a game and more of a random drawing until one player's card achieves bingo. The game will continue until someone's card wins.
ナゾラーBOX おたよりコーナー

Nazoler BOX: Corner hearing

Nazoler Land 3 game5.png
This is a continuation of the information segment that was present on the previous Nazoler Land disk, in the guise of a broadcast. Kirk, the hero from Dead Zone, makes a cameo appearance.
ナゾラーBOX ミス・ナゾラーコンテスト

Nazoler BO:X Miss Nazoler Contest

Nazoler Land 3 game6.gif
This section presents the winners of the dot painting contest that was held on the previous Nazoler Land disk. It is moderated by Carrie from Dead Zone, and Cal from Ripple Island.

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