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Box artwork for Nazoler Land Soukan Gou.
Nazoler Land Soukan Gou
Year released1987
System(s)Family Computer Disk System
Followed byNazoler Land Dai 2 Gou
Japanese title謎のマガジンディスク ナゾラーランド 創刊号
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
LinksNazoler Land Soukan Gou ChannelSearchSearch

Nazoler Land Soukan Gou was the first of three "Magazine Disks" published by Sunsoft for the Famicom Disk System near the beginning of 1987. The full title of the disk is Nazo no Magazine Disk Nazoler Land Soukan Gou which translates as "Puzzle Magazine Disk Nazoler Land 1st Issue." Rather than featuring one game, it contains a collection of 8 games which would be considered "mini-games." The player selects which game to play from the menu screen.

Game Selection[edit]

Game Description

Rotation maze doorman

Nazoler Land game1.png
You must navigate through a series of mazes that occupy several floors. Many of the passageways are blocked with rotating gates that can only turn 90 degrees.

Nazoler fortune-telling

Nazoler Land game2.png
This is essentially the same game as Mastermind. There are four positions and 12 different zodiacs symbols to choose from. An open star means one of the symbols is correct but in the wrong position, while a filled-in star means one of the symbols is correct and in the correct position. When you guess all four symbols in the correct positions, you are told your fortune.

Super Jigsaw

Nazoler Land game3.png
You must reassemble a picture composed of 11 × 14 square tiles. Tiles can only be swapped in place.

Save Princess MOMOKO!

Nazoler Land game4.png
Considered the major feature of the disk, this is an adventure game presented in a first person perspective. You must visit different locations of a dungeon, collecting different items as you go. However, as soon as you make just one mistake, such as encountering an enemy without the right weapon, the game is over.

Japan's best surroundings Ultra Quiz Travel

Nazoler Land game5.png
The goal of this game is to earn money by correctly answering different questions, and using that money to purchase fare for a trip to different locations in Japan, until ultimately all of the locations have been visited.

Famicom aptitude test

Nazoler Land game6.png
In this extraordinarily simple two player game, players race to tap the buttons as quickly as they can in 10 seconds. The winner defeats the loser in a mock cowboy shoot-out.

Extrusion puzzle

Nazoler Land game7.png
In this game, you must position various tiles in their correct position by "shooting" different rows and columns of tiles. When a tile is in the correct position it changes from black and white, to color.
Nazoler Land game8.png
This is a simple maze game presented in a first-person perspective.

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