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Nd Cube
Nd Cube's company logo.

Nd Cube is a first party developer for Nintendo, founded as part of a venture by Nintendo in 2000. Originally co-owned by the advertising firm Dentsu, it was entirely bought by Nintendo in 2010, with Dentsu stepping aside.

Nd Cube was first known for their work on Game Boy Advance and GameCube titles. For example, one of their best known early works was F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, a GBA launch title. More recently, however, the company's makeup has changed, and with it the games they have made. As members of the old Mario Party team at the now defunct Hudson joined, development shifted to games such as Wii Party and Mario Party 9.

Although far from one of the better known Nintendo developers, Nd Cube has a good record. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity received good reviews upon release. Wii Party received decent reviews as well, and Mario Party 9 was critically the best received entry in the series in over a decade.