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These controls are for the GameCube version. For other console versions, look in your instructions manual.

  • Steer: Neutral control
  • Accelerate: R button
  • Brake/Reverse: L button
  • Speedbreaker: Up cstick
  • Look Back: Down cstick
  • Handbrake: A button
  • Nitrous: B button
  • Shift Up: Y button
  • Shift Down: X button
  • Enter a Shop/Safehouse/Car Lot (Career Mode only in Free Roam): Up dpad
  • Enter a Race (Career Mode only in Free Roam): Up dpad
  • Access Races/Milestones/Bounty/Bio of Blacklist Members (Career Mode only in Free Roam): Up dpad
  • View Pursuit Statistics (During a Pursuit only): Up dpad
  • Display SMS Phone/Text Messages (Career mode only): Right dpad
  • Rockport Map (Career mode only): Left dpad
  • Reset car: Z button
  • Pause: Start button

Note: This is the default configuration. For other control settings, go to the options menu and go to the control settings.