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The cut scene starts at the present day challenging Razor, Blacklist #15, with a BMW M3 GTR. There is then a cut scene showing you and Razor racing through the city with the cops in hot pursuit. After the cops have lost contact with you and Razor, you get a call from Mia telling you to end the race because of a oil sleek at the start line. Then there is a flashback 6 days ago, when the player is arriving in the fictional city of Rockport after the events of Need for Speed: Underground 2 with a BMW M3 GTR following Mia. The player is then pulled over by Sergeant Cross's Chevrolet Corvette C6.R at an intersection. Cross notices the player's car and proceeds to explain that the police are cracking down on street racing in Rockport. Cross and his partner then get called to a police chase in progress. Cross then uses his car key to scratch The Player's car in a display of frustration of not being able to arrest the player. He then comments on the car's new "pinstripe". The flashback then fast forwards to 4 days ago, when you are looking for a race. You then come across Ronnie driving a Toyota Supra, who wants to challenge you. Both of you then stop and have a sprint race to the Masterson Naval Shipyard, which you win and get $10,000. There is then a cut scene that introduces Razor, Mia, and Bull. It is agreed that both you and Bull race for $10,000. You then win the race and get $10,000. The flashback then fast forwards to 2 days ago, with you winning races. You then are introduced to Rog and win a race against him and two other guys. Razor then confronts the Player saying that you have to put your ride on the line. The flashback then fast forwards to the present day when the flashback ends and you challenge him. A short while after the phone call from Mia, your car breaks down and the Player's car goes to Razor. The Player is then arrested by Cross; however, because you don't have a ride, you are released a short while later. Mia then picks up the Player and tells him that Razor is now #1 on the Blacklist and that he sabotaged the Player's car. She then drops you off at the car lot and gives you a choice of a "starter car". You then meet her at a safe house, where she tells you that you have to work your way up the Blacklist and eventually beat Razor to get your ride back.