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This game has many modes but most prominently is the Story Mode and the Challenge Series.

Story Mode[edit]

If you want to unlock everything, this is what you have to go through. You start from the 16th in the Blacklist all the way to 1st while dealing with the overzealous Sergeant Cross who will go to any lengths to put you to jail.

Challenge Series[edit]

Of course, if you still want more, you have to go through all these challenges of toll booths and pursuit milestones. What you unlock could be interesting.

You're going to need a few pointers in dealing with these racers:

  • With each blacklist, you're upgrades will be restricted until you beat the main person on the blacklist whether it's a man or a woman.
  • Computer opponents can be mind boggling. Depending on your performance upgrade, you should take advantage of your limitations whether it's nitrous, turbo and many more that will help you get over the line.
  • The police will try anything to stop you. But it will start off as easy with the star limit slowly unlocking and parts of the area uncovered to give you more room to get away from them. If it's too much, hit a truck with logs or hit some monumental object to slow the police down. But if you get caught, unless you got an extra car, you have to use the free pass or pay up or your game ends.

Race types[edit]

It wouldn't be complete without something to race on. The tracks can be tough so memorize them.

  • Circuit races is straightforward. It's a circular track with a number of laps.
  • Knockout races is the same deal but you have to be aggressive to avoid being the last one out each lap.
  • Sprint races is going from A to B. Remember that you'll encounter tricky turns so be prepared for that.
  • Drag races is the same as sprint but with manual control. Think of it as an arcade take on it. You choose which lanes to change when there's traffic while dealing with gear change.
  • Speed traps is straightforward. Your highest speed is recorded by the camera icon. Whoever has the highest speed points win this game.
  • Toll booth is probably the easiest of all race types. You have to be as quick as you can with the clock counting down and the saving grace is no computers is going to stop you.
  • Pursuit milestones comes in different forms. You can attract cops in the menu selection, cause damage in the open city or by chance during the race, the cops will jump on your tail so hopefully you got the skills in dealing with this challenge.