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This is the only Wii control version. You can control it in two ways. There is no other control options available on the Wii.

The Wii Remote (horizontally)[edit | edit source]

  • Steer : Remote button Hold sideways and tilt it like a steering wheel.
  • Accelerate : 2 button
  • Brake/Reverse : 1 button
  • Handbrake : A button
  • Nitrous : B button
  • Change view : Left dpad
  • Look back : Right dpad
  • Shift up/down : Up dpad/Down dpad
  • Reset : Minus button
  • Pause game : Plus button

The Wii Remote (vertically)[edit | edit source]

  • Steer : Remote button Tilt left and right.
  • Accelerate : B button
  • Shift up/down: Flick the Remote button up/down.
  • Nitrous: A button
  • Change view : Up dpad
  • Look back : Down dpad
  • Reset : Minus button
  • Pause : Plus button

Special note: If you have difficulty steering the car while speeding up or down, there are three settings on assists. There's also the difficulty that goes along with it.

Here is three level of assists:

  • Casual : It's best used for inexperience players. It manages the brakes and helps you to the best line. Also the computer drivers can be easy to deal with.
  • Racer : It's best used for standard players. It helps with the brakes when it comes to difficult corners you need to steer to. The computer drivers is typical without being too hard or too easy.
  • King : It's best used for hardcore drivers. You have to manage all aspects of driving a car. The computer drivers are also difficult to handle.