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You may be a fed, but the local and federal authorities don't know that – that's what going deep undercover means. During your covert career, you'll create and maintain your cover by convincing local street racing gangs you're one of them. But you're going to have to get a little dirty.

Race types[edit]

Explore the Tri-City Bay area and do everything you can to increase your cover level without getting busted by the 5-0. The types of tracks you'll be racing on are checkpoint, circuit and sprint races. New events which apply to the career is explained here:

  • Highway battle: On the highway, your goal is to win this event. There's two ways of winning: Get some distance or stay ahead until the time runs out. But you are confined to the direction of the arrows that are placed on the track in this open area.
  • Outrun: Same as highway battle, but you are free to choose where you go.
  • Chasedown: This is very different to any other type of event. Your goal is to knockdown your opponent's car with its health bar on the top. You might have to watch out for his henchmen and you also have to watch for the time limit. In career mode, the chasedown is refer as Jobs in this game. With Jobs, you need to go along with the requirements that you need to do to progress through the story.

Wanted events[edit]

  • Escape: Just get away from the cops. There's no requirements behind.
  • Cop takeout: Bash the cops along the way before you make the escape. Sometimes there's a time limit so you have to work twice as fast! It may be easy at a lower heat rate but at a highter heat rate, you need a more powerful car to take down those high tech cop cars!
  • Cost to state: This is like escape but with the need to destroy not just police cars but with traffic vehicles and destructible objects on the streets. If there's a timer be effecient with your car before you escape.


Difficulty is applied to both career mode and single event. Only the Wii is entitled to those difficulties in Career Mode.

  • Easy: The cars will less likely be challenging and uses short cuts occasionally.
  • Normal: The cars will use short cuts more often and be able to dodge traffic more easily.
  • Hard: The cars will be very intimidating and will use short cuts more frequently.