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  • Left dpadLeft dpad or Right dpadRight dpad: Run
  • A button+B button: Jump (possible twice)
  • A button or B button: Pick up loose ball
  • B button: Shoot/call for shot
  • A button: Pass/call for pass
  • B button: Punch
  • A button: Kick

For a super shot, run 4 or 5 steps and press B button. For a slam dunk, double jump near the basket and press/hold B button.


The game is played 2-on-2, with two 3-minute halves. Each side has three baskets arranged vertically, with the top being worth 4 points and the others worth 3 points. A basket may be knocked off one side and throw onto the other. Players can be attacked freely without fouls or free throws. There is no shot clock or goaltending.