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Tapeworm Twister[edit]

Image of completed puzzle

This optional puzzle is obtained from Bo from the Hotel.

The best staring point for the puzzle is at the bottom-right, which has one corner pointing towards the center.

Gnegative Gnomes[edit]

This optional puzzls is obtained from Valda from the Hotel, by examining the Gnomes on display.

One of the gnomes appears to be missing, and the only prior material is a negative. Your task is to find the gnome in the negative that is missing from the shelf. With the negative, remember that the red and green colors are reversed, and they are flipped left-to-right.

The answer is the right gnome on upper shelf.

Arm Wrestling Redux[edit]

This optional puzzle is located in the alley behind the Hotel. It concerns an arm wresting tournament, where you need to determine the winner. The puzzle doesn't mention that it is a single-elimination tournament, which is required to solve the puzzle.

There are four statements made by the contestants:

  1. Outmatched by the "Grizzly Grip"!
  2. Pat won fair and square!
  3. I pinned Pearl like a new hat!
  4. Flo's Grizzly Grip" couldn't whip me!

The two that indicated they were defeated can be excluded, leaving contestants 3 and 4. To solve it, note that the "Grizzly Grip" was both a winning and losing tactic, indicating that it was in for two rounds, but lost on the second. This leaves contestant 4.

Rearranging Rations[edit]

Food on a plate

Obtained from Glori from the Diner.

With this jigsaw puzzle, the pieces will join when they are adjacent to another piece. While they won't be an exact fit, they will fit onto the plate.

Diners and Dishes[edit]

There are four rules:

  1. Nobody ordered a meal resembling their spouse
  2. One lady ordered a meal resembling the fish-eating man sitting next to her.
  3. Only one patron resembles his or her meal.
  4. The ham plate should be set down next to the banana split.

Starting with rule #1 and #2, look for the lady that is next to another man other than her spouse. This would be the lady in the back. Give her onion rings, and fish to the man on the right.

Next, follow rule #3 and #4. With rule #3, the fish is already taken. The Buffalo burger can't be given to the large man on the left, since that doesn't leave enough space for the two adjacent items. Also, the ham can't be placed on the right because the banana split doesn't fit. This leaves the man at the back with the banana split, and the large man with the ham.

Follow rule #1 on the final step. Since the large man on the left resembles a buffalo, his spouse cannot have the burger. Give her the chicken, and place the burger to the remaining person.

The plates from left to right: Chicken, Ham, Banana Split, Onion Rings, Fish, and Buffalo Burger.


This is obtained from Steve from the diner (at the back).

You need to determine the weight capacity of the birds - each leg supports a set number of gnomes, and each bird is at the maximum weight.

The blue bird, as shown on the clear right bag, carries 1 gnome per leg. Next, you can tell the capacity of the mallard, which should be 2.

Based on this, you can determine the result is 14.

Contraband Carriers[edit]

Weight distribution

In this puzzle, you need to setup the loads among the various birds. This puzzle is only available after fixing the pipe in the Hotel.

Hot Hawks[edit]

Weight distribution, with one unused.

In this version of the puzzle, one of the birds is unused.

Bugs in Boxes[edit]

Bugs in Boxes

This puzzle is obtained by Daryl and Darrel from the Diner. They are located next to the entrance.

To solve the puzzle, you need to enclose the bugs within boxes, using as few fences as possible. In this layout, the grasshoppers receie 2x3 boxes, the top receive 1x4, and the middle received 2x2.

More Bugs in Boxes[edit]

Bugs in Boxes

This puzzle is only available after fixing the pipe in the Hotel.

Start by giving the two bugs on the left their own column, and provide a 2x3 box for the ones in the middle. Other boxes should be obvious from here.

Super Bugs in Boxes[edit]

Bugs in Boxes

Start by giving the smaller bugs their own 1x2 boxes. After this, you can focus on the grasshoppers.

New Employee Error[edit]

Football passing

This puzzle is obtained next to the Hotel.

The employer hired an entire football team that can't stop practicing. To help, you need to draw a path at which they may pass the ball to each other.

This path starts and finishes on the right.

Cut Your Losses[edit]

Football passing

This path starts and finishes on the bottom.