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Cracked Crossword[edit]

Completed jigsaw

This is the first puzzle in the game. With a jigsaw puzzle, you will need to move pieces around - they will lock into position once they are adjacent to the correct piece. Once all pieces are assembled, you can click submit.

For this puzzle, you can use the border to identify the general location of pieces, or construct the red text directly. However, all pieces must be linked to solve the puzzle.

Directions & Detours[edit]

Solution using "N' pattern.

After arriving in Scoggins, speak with the man in front of the hotel. He will introduce himself as Bjorn, and give you the second puzzle.

In this map puzzle, you need to place two logs in the correct position. The easiest path is an N-shaped path, created by placing a log above and below the traffic lights. An S-shaped path is also possible, but requires more logs

After solving this puzzle, you need to inspect the fence, then enter the hotel.

Room Key Confusion[edit]

The room key is reported to be written in code. However, it is really the word nine with the space between the letters marked in black.

Once you complete the puzzle, continue speaking with Valda to receive a map of the area. Valda will also refer you to Sheriff Bahg at the factory. Once you complete the puzzle, you may also collect pieces of gum (to provide additional hints to later puzzles.) These pieces are placed randomly, and regenerate as you complete puzzles.

Wrangling Watchmen[edit]

With the map, you can head to the factory. Exhaust all dialog with Sheriff Bahg, one of which provides a puzzle to find when something occurred.

There are four statements:

  1. Bernie: "Boom! One hour before the last shift started."
  2. Pop: "I get the shortest shift. Three hours."
  3. Al: "Only Bernie put in the full eight hours."
  4. Iggy: "Worked from six til I was relieved."

The statement from Iggy implies (but doesn't explicitly state) that he was relieved by another guard. As such, he starts at 6AM. Pop can't be the first shift because his was too short, and not the third since Bernie's expression indicates he was on that shift instead. He is therefore from 9PM-12AM. Since Al didn't do 8 hours, he gets 12AM-6AM. This leaves Bernie at 1PM-9PM, and the explosion happening at 8 o'clock.

After completing the puzzle, you will learn a bit more about the accident at the factory. It concerns Issac Davner, who was missing after the explosion. The sheriff will ask to meet with you at Moose Ear Diner.

Find the Fuse[edit]

When you reach the Moose Ear Diner, you will need to assist the repairman with the sign.

There are four fuses, one of which is blown. These fuses follow a pattern. If you look at just the right-hand of the fuse, you should see a number increasing from 1 up to 4. Select the similar fuse on the bottom that looks like a three (which is the second on the left.)

Security Screw-up[edit]

When you speak with the sheriff in the diner, he shows the security photographs. However, they were mixed up.

To put them back in order, look at the footprints. The first image has the footprints stop, the second has them continue. The third has the person turning towards the car, and the fourth has footprints heading to where the car was.

After solving this problem, you are referred to the Ice Cabins (reached via Sasimy Woods) to find Mike Lobb.

Menacing Map[edit]

The path through the forest

You found Mike Lobb, but he froze to death. He was working on finding a way through the forest before he froze to death.

To solve the map, click on grid segments to rotate them. You will need to make a path from the starting point to the cabin at the bottom-right, while making sure there is no path to any gnome on the map.

Completing this puzzle will award you with a gear.

When you reach the lake, you can speak with Mr. Scruffman. He states he has an alibi at the hotel, which you will head to in order to confirm it.

The Maw of Madness[edit]

The path through the brain

When you enter the hotel, you need to fix a pipe. However, this pipe is stolen and taken to the back alley.

Speak with Bo, and try to fix his madness. You will need to place five arrows along the path. In order, they are right, left, left, right, left. All five cells must be filled - any blank would fail the puzzle even if it wouldn't normally be required.

After solving the puzzle, you will collect the pipe and another gear piece.

Stovepipe Stumper[edit]

A fixed stovepipe

You should now be able to fix the stovepipe. Rotate the pieces until there is a path to the chimney and no loose ends within that pipe. Other pipe pieces have no impact on the puzzle.

When the pipe is repaired, you will now need to return to the diner.

Changing Chairs[edit]

Spraypainting on the chairs

The diner has a new stack of chairs in the corner with spraypainting. Place the chairs on the left to produce an image.

Note that the image should be right-side up: The mouth should be on the bottom. If it is upside down, there is no credit given for the puzzle. The painting resembles what's found at the lodge.

Window Watcher[edit]

One cut required

Head to the lodge and try to peek through the window. You will be presented with a puzzle to cut all barricades in a single line.

The endpoints need to be at specific positions, by how some barricades are setup. In particular, set the cut starting at the top-left, and just below the middle on the right. This will go through each bar and chain at least once.

When you try peeking, the sheriff approached from behind and escorts you back to the hotel.

Going After Glori[edit]

Going through all the footsteps

Upon returning to the hotel, you will spot Glori sneaking around. You will need to create a path that travels through all seven footsteps and reaches the destination.

It appears she went to the factory, leaving food outside. However, you get knocked unconscious.

Screw-up in Space[edit]

Two wires

After waking up in a space ship, you need to fix the machinery.

The red wire is connected by taking the long path around the far yellow terminal. Once the connection is made, you can connect the other wire.

A Quorum of Crows[edit]

When you wake up in the lodge, you are given a set of three puzzles to solve.

The first one involves crows on a line. Starting with the blue birds at the end of the line, try to find a pattern where the photos overlap, and pack them as possible.

If done correctly, there should be a minimum of five crows.

Grickleback Baffler[edit]

How fish swim

The second puzzle involves determining how fish should head into the water. There needs to be exactly 16 of the 21 fish reaching the river.

The fish start at four points, and will split in half each time they reach a fork (or stop if there is an odd number of fish. Of Mifpik Marsh or Abdominal Swamp, one of the two groups swimming through that area will be eaten.

First, the set of three fish must be at the bottom-right corner. They cannot be elsewhere, since they will split.

Next, place the set of eight fish at the top-right. If they were on the left in either position, that group would send four through Abdominal swamp, and it is not possible to have exactly one additional fish swim there.

Now, you need to get one more fish through Mifpik Marsh. To do this, place the group of four at the top-left. Finish by placing the group of six at the bottom-left. From here, there will always be 16 fish reaching the river.

Perplexed Sock Picker[edit]

There are 25 socks of five different types (5 striped, 5 plaid, 5 spotted, 5 argyle, and 5 owls.) This puzzle asks the minimum number of socks to be pulled out of the drawer to guarantee a pair.

With five socks, there is a chance of taking out one of each type. On the sixth sock, it's guaranteed to match one of the previous five. Choose answer C and submit.

With all three puzzles solved, you may start on the gear found at the table.

Tracking Trouble[edit]

The path through all pieces

After a false start on the Locksmithing Learner puzzle, you need to track down whomever stole the gear pieces.

The map is more complex, requiring you to go through all pieces and finishing at the bottom left. The solution is shown in the image tot he right.

Once complete, you will track the gear down to the Ice cabins. Head there and collect the gear.

Frantic Fish[edit]

Glora has locked you inside the cabin, forcing you to take an alternate route out. You know that the key is hidden inside one of the fish, and need to figure out which one.

There are four clues:

  1. Each fish was swallowed another fish, or the key. (The game doesn't mention this only applies to visible fish.)
  2. Including swallowed fish, the red fish is the least numerous.
  3. All fishes eat the next smaller fish, except for the tan fish which eats its own kind.
  4. The key is on the line with five fish.

For a population count, there are 10 visible fish and 9 swallowed ones. From rule #2, there are four red fish, leaving 15 among the other three (of which there are 5 each.) For a population count, there are four red fish and two visible blue fish. If all the red fish ate a blue fish, there would be a population of 6 bluefish, which would cut into the population of the other fish. Therefore, the key is located in a red fish.

With rule #4, the key is on a line with five fish. This indicates that there are two other visible fish on that line. This leaves the only option, the red fish on the upper-left line.

When you escape, you can get back to the lodge.

Locksmithing Learner[edit]

The assembled gear

This puzzle is a point of no return. However, any undiscovered puzzles may be completed after the credits.

With the gear, you should now be able to re-assemble it. The large pieces go in the center, and the smaller ones in between the large pieces.

When you complete the puzzle, you should now head to the factory, but there are a few things first.

Snowmobile Snafu[edit]


This is a rotating piece puzzle. However, it is easier, since you can use the border to solve the outer 12 squares, and finish the inner 4 squares easily.

Master Locksmith[edit]

The re-assembled gear

In this Jigsaw puzzle, get the pieces of the gear into the larger area on the right.

The yellow gear form six of the outer teeth. The larger pieces of the red and blue gears form the middle, and the smaller pieces form six additional teeth.

Barrier Blot-Out[edit]

Follow the cable holding the giant eraser. If you followed it correctly, it should be cable 8.

Fire Up the Furnace[edit]

Packing the objects into the furnace

In this jigsaw puzzle, the pieces are spread apart. However, they can still be packed.

As with the other jigsaw puzzles, they lock to other adjacent pieces.

Hydraulic Headache[edit]

Get all three platforms to the top. The platforms are blocked by obstacles and destroyed by bear traps.

Enter the route Up, Up, Right, Up, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Up. Once all three platforms are in place, you can complete the game.