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Unlockable Method
Character Gallery Defeat each character in Survival Mode.
Mizuchi Defeat Mizuchi in Survival Mode.
NEO-DIO Defeat NEO-DIO in Survival Mode.
King Lion Defeat King Leo in Survival Mode. (You can not unlock King Leo.)
Goodman Defeat Goodman in Survival Mode.
Goddess Athena Beat Arcade Mode.
Mars People Beat Tag Mode.

To select Mizuchi, NEO-DIO, or King Lion, move the cursor to the far left or far right of the selection screen. To select Goodman, move the cursor to the center space between Yuki and Ai.

Special Double Assaults[edit]

Only certain teams of characters give fighters access to their secret Double Assaults. Both characters must be present on the team, and a precondition must be met before a secret Double Assault can be performed. All of that information is provided for each character. The following teams have Special Double Assaults.

  • Yuki & Ai
  • Kyo & Iori
  • Mr. Karate & Robert
  • Terry & Rock
  • Haohmaru & Genjuro
  • Kaede and Moriya
  • Fuuma & Hanzo