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Neo Contra
Box artwork for Neo Contra.
Release date(s)
System(s)PlayStation 2
ESRB: ESRB M.png Mature
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Neo Contra is the second Contra game released on the PS2, after Contra: Shattered Soldier. It is the first 3D Contra, though it plays like a 2D game with a bird's eye camera. The game stars Bill Rizer, the main character from the original Contra and a new partner, Jaguar, a cybernetically enhanced warrior. While not a direct sequel to Contra: SS, elements from the game do tie into Neo Contra.


Story from the Neo Contra manual (US version):

4444 A.D.—Earth has been transformed into an enormous prison. The relentless implementation of space colonization policies has put humankind at the zenith of prosperity. However, humanity's glorious history is clouded by the dark shadow of harshly oppressive colonial rule. Criminals, and even those deemed opposed to authority, are hunted down without mercy.
Those who are spared are incarcerated on the prison planet of Earth, ruined and ravaged by environmental destruction. There, chaos and violence rule supreme—no one sane or logical can expect to survive for even three days. Hell has come to Mother Earth.
But a new order rose from the maelstrom of darkness, its name—Neo Contra. Despite claiming the name of "Contra"—an elite force that saved humankind in the past—Neo Contra is nothing more than a bloodthirsty military posse bent on sowing unimaginable destruction and death wherever they appear.
Alarmed by the emergence of Neo Contra, the Federation Congress resurrected the greatest warrior in history from cryogenic storage to counter the threat. It is the return of the original Contra—Bill Rizer.

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