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Konami code (PS2 version)[edit]

The only code in the game, this gets you 19 lives if you enter it at the title screen.

Up dpad, Up dpad, Down dpad, Down dpad, L1 button, R1 button, L2 button, R2 button, L3 button, R3 button


Character sets[edit]

  • Swimsuit outfits - Complete the game as Bill or Jaguar with an overall S ranking to unlock that character's second outfit. You must complete the game with a 100% in each level to unlock Lucia's outfit. Unlocking Jaguar's swimsuit outfit also unlocks video #11 in the Theater.
  • Lucia - Complete all of Easy mode (the first four stages) in under 18 minuets. This is actually very easy since hit percentage doesn't matter, only time. Just ignore what you can and blast a path through each stage. If you're still having trouble, complete Stage 5 on Normal to get Weapon Set D.
  • Katana - Jaguar's special weapon, which is selected through an outfit called "Katana Jaguar". This is unlocked as soon as you finish any stage on Normal difficulty. The Katana is the most powerful weapon in the game and can take out bosses in a few swings, if you can get close enough to them, that is.

Training Mode[edit]

Beating stages 5, 6, and 7 (any ranking) adds that stage to the list of selectable stages in Training Mode, as well as unlocks a new Weapon Set.

Music box[edit]

To unlock: Beat the game at least once to be able to listen to the complete soundtrack


To unlock: Complete the game with an A rank to unlock (videos will appear as they are seen in-game)
  1. Introduction (pre-title screen)
  2. Back to Earth (Intro to Stage 1)
  3. Riding the volcano (Intro to Stage 3)
  4. Arrival of the Battle Cruiser (Stage 4)
  5. Contra's Base goes into orbit (End of Stage 5)
  6. End of the World (Ending - Stage 5)
  7. Contra Lives (Ending - Stage 6)
  8. Project C (Stage 6 Boss)
  9. Destruction of the Base (Intro to Stage 7)
  10. The Good Ending (Ending - Stage 7)
  11. Jaguar Hidden Video (Ending - Stage 7)


To unlock: Beat the game twice
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  1. Bill Rizer design
  2. Jaguar design
  3. Guerrilla Contra design
  4. Plant Contra design
  5. Lucia/Pheromone Contra design
  6. Animal Contra design
  7. Mystery G design
  8. Master Contra design
  9. Grunt design
  10. Dinosaur (Stage 2 vehicle) design
  11. Big Baby concept art
  12. Plant Contra (mutant form) concept art
  13. Alien Bug concept art
  14. Alien Moth concept art
  15. Spider Spawner concept art
  16. Spider concept art
  17. Alien Plant concept art
  18. Mutant sketch
  19. Unknown creature sketch
  20. Guerrilla's Mech concept art
  21. Guerrilla's Mech assembly design
  22. Guardian (Stage 1) sketch
  23.  ?
  24. Mech sketch
  25. Troop carrier sketch
  26. Troop carrier sketch 2
  27. Airborne drone sketch
  28. Airborne drone sketch 2
  29.  ?
  30. Armored soldier sketch
  31. Gun ship sketch
  32. Heavy Armor soldier sketch
  33. Jaguar art
  34. Swimsuit drawing
  35. Lucia "anime" drawing
  36. Bill & Jaguar art