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The stage opens up with a missile being fired from a space station onto the planet below. The missile smashes through a building and slams into the ground, destroying the street. Your character jumps out of the impact crater, having ridden the missile down to the surface.

Base exterior[edit]

Move forward, shooting past the barricade and destroying the two large cylinder a head of you (2%). A flying craft will fly towards you, so destroy it with your lock-on attack (3%). Weave between the walls, killing a blue sniper and another flying craft (5%). A couple of green grunts an a sniper (6%) are stationed by two more cylinders (8%). Moving on a swarm of grunts attack a drop ship dumps more on top of you. You get nothing for the grunts but destroy the drop ship (10%). More green grunts, a cylinder, and an armored sniper follow (12%). The armored sniper can be killed by: destroying the cylinder behind him, waiting for him to move his shield, or just fire enough to destroy the shield. Past this mess wait for a break in the blue sniper's shots to move in and take him out (13%). Watch out for grunts as it can get crowded in this area.

Once the area opens up a lot of things will begin attacking at once. When the flying craft appears, retreat a bit and destroy it (14%). Head back to see two blue snipers, three armored snipers, and a tank. Either out the minor guys (19%) and then go after the tank (20%) or simply destroy the tank to kill everything at once. Do the latter if you prefer heavy weapons and the former if you prefer rapid fire weapons. In any case keep watching out for grunts as they can kill you if you let their numbers grow too high.

Head north to a small side area where the other drop ship you saw with the first one will land. Before dealing with it, take out the flying craft (21%) and the artillery unit (22%) before destroying the grunts and drop ship (23%). Destroy the last two pieces of artillery (25%) and head back down and west. On this street you'll run into several small blue mechs (28%), two bazooka guys (30%), and a large flying craft (31%). Another blue mech is to the north (32%), but before heading up that way go further west and destroy the trunk and cylinder (34%). Take out the blue mech and bazooka soldier (36%).

Past the barricade is an armored soldier (37%) and two cylinders (39%). If you time it right you can use the cylinders to take out the two small flying crafts (41%) in one shot. Further up is a repeat: armored sniper, two cylinders, two flying crafts (46%). Fight past the grunts to reach the first mini-boss, the Green Tank (48%). Once it's gone continue forwards.

Take out the two snipers (50%) from a distance, the large flying craft that appears to your left (51%), then the four bazooka soldiers (55%) to the left and right. Once everything is gone take out the satellite dish with lock-on weapons (56%) before going on. You can go right or left, but all of the enemies that are worth percentage points are to the right. Head that way and get right of the two snipers (58%) hiding behind the walls, then deal with the armored soldier and cylinder (60%). Another sniper guards the exit path (61%).

When you reach the edge of the platform a large hover craft will appear directly ahead (62%). Two armored soldiers are stationed by a tank and two barrels. Take out the barrels with heavy weapons to kill everything at once (67%). When you start to cross the bridge another large hover craft (68%) will appear. Destroy it and then the two bazooka soldiers (70%) in the middle of the bridge. Three more snipers (73%) and a lot of grunt guard the next segment of the bridge. At the end of the bridge two small hover crafts (75%) and two bazooka soldiers (77%) are waiting.

You'll be outside the base entrance, which is guarded by three armored soldiers, a tank, and two soldiers with mortars. Kill the armored soldiers (80%) from a distance before you can even see the tank. Take out the tank quickly and it'll explode killing the two guys with mortars (86%).

Base interior[edit]

From here on out it's nothing but bosses. First you will fight Big Baby (89%), and then jump down the shaft it was sitting in to fight the Guardian (92%). At the bottom of the shaft is a large room where Guerrilla Contra waits.

Boss: Guerrilla Contra[edit]

Bill and Jaguar (even if you're playing a Lucia she won't be in any of the cut scenes) drop down and look around. A large tank drops down behind them and Guerrilla Contra appears and introduces himself. Rather than take the opportunity to put a bullet through his head, Bill & Jaguar converse with him for a few minuets. Nothing important is said, and after they're done chatting Guerrilla goes into the tank and begins attacking.

The mech starts out on four legs, but once you destroy all of the guns, it'll stand up on two legs and change it's attack pattern. Hit the legs until Guerrilla appears and then target him with lock-on weapons (100%).


Guerrilla Contra goes down in a fiery explosion without saying a word. After you receive your rankings the scene cuts to a mysterious figure at a command station. Master Contra is receiving the report that the base was destroyed. He mentions something about the Assembly sending them and that they should prove entertaining while the final preparations are being made.