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This will be a visual guide to combat in NetHack:

  • how to wield a weapon (press [w] and pick from the inventory)
  • how to enhance skills with weapons (NetHack gives you a message; #enhance your skill; mention the upper limit to enhancement, but do not spoil it)
  • how to throw objects (press [t], pick an object, use hjklyubn for the direction; you can throw potions, rocks, and miscellaneous items; you can press [Q] to "quiver" an item and throw it with [f])
  • how to wield a ranged weapon and fire ammunition (wield bow or sling; optionally put ammo in quiver; throw or fire ammo while wielding the weapon; pick up and recycle ammo)
  • how to wield a polearm (press [a] and pick from inventory, then select a target in range)

This is similar in scope to the NetHack Guidebook, but with screenshots.

Ammo test: If you are wielding the correct weapon, you can throw the ammo farther. This is a "spoiler" to anyone who does not know that a bow shoots an arrow farther than your hand.

Also, the fact that there are only eight directions to throw implies that you or a monster can avoid ranged attacks by not being in any of the eight paths. For example, you @ and the kobold k cannot hit each other with spears or arrows:

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