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Head south and through the door. Now go north through the crowd and through the next door, and then south again. Talk to the couple and they'll let you past. Head south to the end of the corridor; enter your cabin, the last one.

When you wake up, leave your room and head north. Take the second right, where the tentacle bursts in, and enter the cabin. Kill the pirates and take the ring. Exit and head north again, and up to the next deck. Keep heading south and go outside. Before the merchant dies, he'll give you that Throw-Chain (it's a sort of grappling hook thing) he was trying to flog earlier.

If you go back inside, and through the door immediately to your north, you'll be in with that "valuable cargo" the passenger was so fussy about earlier. It takes the form of those four little crates to the right. Smash them against the wall – one of them contains a heart.

Now head north, dodging the tentacles and barrels, and in through the door at the top. When you kill the pirate who challenges you here, he'll drop a red apple. You may as well grab it – if your health is still full, you're nimble enough that it's probably going to stay that way! Now make your way north, killing pirates as you go. Where there's a sign saying "Aim", you can use your Throw-Chain to cross the gap, but generally you can make it just by jumping anyway.

On the next screen the music changes ominously and you'll find the captain expiring – two sure signals that you're about to meet something nasty. So go on – up the steps and north. After a brief conversation, battle ensues.

The Witch
This isn't much of a fight, since you can't even hit her, while she can hurt you severely wherever you are. So don't bother fighting – just stand there and take it. When your health gets low, the fight should end automatically.

Everything goes black. You'll come to on a beach...