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"Neugier" (pronounced "Noy-gear"; Jap. Noigia) is a German word meaning "curiosity, inquisitiveness". One could doubtless argue that this has deep significance, since it's only Duke's curiosity which saves the kingdom from who knows what horrors; but it's more probable that the authors simply liked the sound of the word. The subtitle, umi to kaze no kodou, means "the beat of the ocean and the wind".

Neugier was planned for release in the US as "The Journey Home", but was never officially released, so a prototype cartridge may exist (in Nintendo's hands, if anyones), but there was no official release. Although unreleased carts do turn up (Starfox 2 beta, Earthbound Zero), the chances are, that this one was lost years ago, if it ever existed.

The game is by Wolf Team (now Tri-Ace). They produced a few other games: Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, etc.

Neugier is an action RPG, because it says so on the box. And the first half of the first stage is pretty RPG-like. The rest of the game is pretty much all action, though, which is why hardcore RPG fans don't like to include it in the genre.


These are obtained by killing enemies and smashing objects.

Protective items
  • Ring: Increases your defence
  • Gauntlet: Increases your attack power
  • Bracelet: Increases both your defence and your attack power
Healing items
  • Red apple: Restores some health
  • Green apple: Restores some health
  • Strawberry: Restores some health
  • Meat: Fills health
  • Heart: Fills health, increases maximum value
  • Potion: Fills health, one-time revival on death
Status items
  • Toadstool: Disables your attack temporarily
  • Chalice: Makes you temporarily invulnerable