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You'll find yourself in a very strange place. Head through the gate. In the next screen, there are four gates: the one you came through, one at the top, one at the bottom, and one to the right which is on the underside of the translucent blocks. There's nothing you can get to through the upper one at the moment, so jump across to the lower one. Head south and destroy the magic circle, then go past and throw the block at the orb. This will reverse the gates. Return to the room with the platforms, and jump across to the east gate.

Take it, then do the same in the next room. Destroy the second magic circle, and head east; you'll come to another room with a switch orb, but this time there are three blocks. Now, the bottom one (block 3 in the diagrams) contains a heart, and the right-hand one of the upper two (block 2) a green potion. You . . . . . can get both. Here's how.

  1. First, grab block 1 with your Throw-Chain. Drag it across and place it directly to the right of block 3. Jump on top of it to release the chain without throwing it.
  2. Now grab block 3, and move it to a position half a block offset from block 1. Standing above block 3, face block 1 and throw block 3. You should be able to make it smash, releasing the heart.
  3. Then drag block 2 across and repeat the process, smashing it against block 1, to get the potion.
  4. Finally, hurl block 1 at the orb to reverse the gates again.

Now return to the platform rooms. You'll be dumped ignominously on the ground from a now-inverted gate, so climb back up and jump round to the gate at the north side of the screen, on a very small platform. Drop down to the ground, and go right to the stairs; take the gate at the top of them for the third magic circle. Once again, destroy it and then continue east to switch the gates. This time it doesn't involve a block; instead, run round the spiral as quickly as you can, because you want to get the egg-snake-lizard-dragon monster before it evolves too far (it's quite easy to dispatch it in the snake phase), and then just slash the orb to change it. (You may have hit it in the battle, so, for reference - you want it to be red.)

Return to the platforms once more. Jump across to the gate at the left side of the screen, and take it; then jump to the one to the north. This is your goal, and the final battle is about to ensue...

Another multi-stage boss, and ridiculously easy, too. He'll start off as a kind of tentacle-blob, and alternate between chasing you fast and chasing you slowly while lashing out. Hit him in the former state. Then he'll transform into a wolf; he'll stand still for a moment after pouncing, which is when to attack. His final form is a huge dragon-like monster. Dodge the puny projectile and slash away at him whenever he lands.

And that's it. Enjoy the beautifully ambiguous ending. Depending on how fast you finished, you can receive different Rankings.