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On higher altitudes, the temperature gets so cold that the ground practically freezes. On this chilly athletic level, you must jump from frozen peak to frozen peak, using cannon pipes and moving ropes to get around. If the slippery floor and huge gaps aren't enough, the purple slanting mushrooms from World 4 also make a return.

Level walkthrough[edit]

At the start are three pipes and a sheer ice wall. Go into the rightmost cannon pipe to get launched upward. Move right to land on the top of the hill. Go right to come to the first of several moving ropes in this stage. You will automatically grab on to the ropes when you jump to them, and can swing in one direction to give your next jump some momentum. The ropes also usually move along a visible track, although this first one is purely stationary. However, as you jump to the icy peak to the right, you will notice that the next one move along the black trail. Grab on to the rope as it approaches and wait it moves to the right to swing off.

Generic enemies will start to appear. On this peak is a simple red Koopa and Goomba pair. Use the rope to jump to the next peak, where a similar enemy pair is located. Knock the Koopa on this platform into its shell, then carry the shell to the edge, where you can see a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin hovering below. Throw the shell into the abyss and it should pass through the Star Coin, collecting it for you. Jump on to the rope to the right, then jump to the next peak. One of the blocks on this platform contains a power-up.

To your right, you can see a mushroom platform with purple spots. If you've played World 4-2. you should know their unique characteristics. The mushroom sharply tilts to whichever side you're standing on, so be sure to jump off quickly before you slide into the pit below. Jump from the mushroom platform to another icy peak, then go down two more purple mushrooms to end up on a low ice platform. Jump up to the right and get in the cannon pipe to be launched upward. Move right to trigger the checkpoint flag.

While you were launched by the cannon pipe, you might notice a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin off the edge to the left, with a Paratroopa hovering near it. You must make a well-timed jump onto the Paratroopa, bouncing off it and using the height gain to reach the Star Coin. To your right is a Piranha Plant and a Super Piranha Plant. Both of them are in shallow pits, low enough for you to jump over them. Up ahead are three purple mushrooms in a row, all with red Koopas on them. Carefully drop down to get on the long ice slab below.

On the long ice platform, you appear to be given two routes to take, either above the ice blocks or below them. The top is easily the better route, since it actually has useful items, and you can take the top path just by jumping. There are a few Paratroopas, but also a roulette block here. After the ice block formation is a pipe that spawns Goombas, followed by three cannon pipes that launch you forward. Go into the leftmost pipe to collect a bunch of coins from the ice tunnel in front of you.

The gap to your right must once again be jumped over with the help of moving ropes. There are two ropes in a row this time. When you get on the second rope, build up momentum as you wait for the rope to go high. When you can see a ledge made out of ice blocks, jump toward it then immediately slide. You should pass under a one-tile gap and grab the last NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin, breaking a wall of blocks in front of you. As you continue forward, you will arrive at three more cannon pipes, with a lower path full of coins below. Use the cannon pipes to launch you forward, then grab on to the flagpole to finish the course.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. The Star Coin is suspended over a bottomless pit. You must knock a nearby Koopa into its shell, then toss it into the abyss to collect it remotely.
  2. After blasting up the cannon pipe on to the mountain with Piranha Plants, you can see a Paratroopa and the Star Coin to your left. Time your jump to bounce off the Paratroopa and reach the Star Coin.
  3. When you come to the pair of ropes, swing on to the ice block formation to your right. Crouch if you aren't small to slide through the gap and take the Star Coin.