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It's a family reunion, and all relatives of the Hammer Bros have gathered in one level to attack you. From the heavyset Sledge Bros to the boomerang tossing Boomerang Bros to the fireball flinging Fire Bros, you'll have plenty of projectiles to dodge, and many elite Koopa troops to defeat. Normal Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas make frequent appearances as well, making this course a combat-heavy level.

Level walkthrough[edit]

From the start, make a dash jump over the gap while avoiding the Paratroopas. When you land, get the power-up from the block. To your right are several more Koopas as well as Paratroopas which demand accurate jumps to avoid or defeat. You may use one Koopa's shell to take out the others as well. Be careful while jumping over pits patrolled by Paratroopas. If you find yourself stuck under a tall pillar, jump to the left of it to reveal a hidden block that serve as a foothold to let you progress.

Over the pillar is your first encounter with a Sledge Bro. This bulky version of the normal Hammer Bro can not only throw hammers, but also slam into the ground to cause tremors which stun you in place. You can defeat the Sledge Bro the same way as a regular Hammer Bro, or just ignore it and run past it. Drop down to the lower level when you can and run left, dashing safely over the small gaps, to nab the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Go back right and jump on top of the next pillar, then jump right past some Paratroopas.

Ahead of the gap is a brief ledge climbing portion similar to the ones found in World 6. There are no enemies here, so all you need to do is move to the right and collect any coins that you want along the way. Jump over one more gap to cross the checkpoint. You can bounce from a Paratroopa up to the block high up to grab a power-up from within. As you continue onward, you will encounter a pair of Fire Bros. These Bros throw out fireballs as if powered-up by a Fire Flower. The fireballs are fast, but can be avoided with quick jumps as they stick to the ground.

The fourth block from the left in the Fire Bros arena contains a Star with a strangely short duration. The Star can help you defeat the Fire Bros if you manage to reach it, as well as protect you in the next section, but it wears off very quickly. As you go right past some more Koopas, you may choose the wall jump up a shaft for some extra coins, but doing so is not necessary. Jump on to some red platforms with red Koopas to reach a platform with a 10-coin block.

Up ahead is a Boomerang Bro. You've encountered this enemy before, so you should be slightly familiar with its attack pattern. Maneuver around its boomerangs and defeat it so that you can safely collect the next NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Jump on to the platforms and onward to a second Sledge Bro. Here, you'll find that Sledge Bros can break brick blocks when they do a stunning ground pound. You can also pound into the brick block wall yourself to get the final NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Don't pound too far, or you might drop through the floor and into the pit.

Continue forward along the flat path. After passing a red ring, you must confront one more Boomerang Bro. The first two red coins are behind him. Hop into the cannon pipe to launch yourself over the abyss, collecting five more red coins along the way. Quickly rush forward once you land to grab the last red coin. The last enemies in this course are two Paratroopas. You can bounce off of them to reach the top of the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. The Star Coin is below the first Sledge Bro. Drop down to the right and run left over the blocks to collect it.
  2. This Star Coin is out in the open, next to a Boomerang Bro. The Bro is your only obstacle to grabbing it.
  3. You can find this Star Coin below the second Sledge Bro. Ground pound past the first layer of brick blocks to get to it.