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Wii Remote Wii Remote & Nunchuk Action
Left dpad or Right dpad Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk Walk
1 button + (Left dpad or Right dpad) (Z button or B button) + (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk) Run
2 button A button Jump
Down dpad Down nunchuk Duck
Horizontal shake Shake remote Spin Jump

Advanced Moves[edit]

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Wii Remote, Wii Remote & Nunchuk
  • Carry/Shoot: When you want to hold a koopa shell, just walk into it while holding 1 button. If you want to carry a different type of item, walk up to it, hold 1 button, then Horizontal shake. If you want to let go of the item, release 1 button.
  • Shoot: Press 1 button to fire whatever power up you are using.
  • Midair Spin: Horizontal shake after making a jump to propel yourself in the air, giving you a gliding moment for half a second.
  • Ground Pound: Jump in the air and press Down dpad.
  • Slide: When on a slope, press Down dpad to slide down.
  • When using the Penguin suit, run, then press Down dpad to activate the sliding technique.
  • While sliding, you can do a Midair doing Horizontal shake after making a jump, but this one is much less durable than the normal one.
  • Double Jump/Triple Jump: While Running, jump then press 2 button right as Mario lands on the ground to perform a double jump, and do that one last time for a triple jump.
  • Wall Jump: When holding onto the wall, press Neutral dpad in the direction of the wall, and press 2 button to jump off. This technique is used for many of the star coins.
  • Swim: In the water, press and hold Left dpad or Right dpad, then press 2 button to control your height in the water.
  • Move A Tilt Lift: The motion controlled platforms. Turn Remote-Horizontal button in a certain way to get the Tilt Lifts where you need them.
    • When using the penguin suit, come to a complete stop on a flat surface to duck.
    • When using the propeller suit, you will go higher than normal. Way higher.
    • When using the propeller suit, you will get a very big boost in your jump when you perform the Midair Spin.
    • When coming down after using a spin in the Propeller suit, the ground pound is more like a screw attack, much like New Super Mario Bros.' Tornado blue and white spinners.

Co-Op Moves[edit]

  • The Bubble: Press A button to enter a bubble, and Horizontal shake to get closer to an alive player. Nothing can harm you in the bubble, but you can't harm anything outside of the bubble.
  • Lift Other People: Much like the Carry option in single player mode, hold 1 button and Horizontal shake to pick the player up, and release 1 button to throw them.
  • Co-Operative Jump: Have a player bounce on another player's head, and let them get a bigger boost in their height.
  • Simultaneous Ground Pound: The hardest one to execute. When two or more players ground pound at the same time, the effect is much like a POW Block, but does not affect coins.