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Box artwork for Nightshade.
Box artwork for Nightshade.
Developer(s)Beam Software
Publisher(s)Ultra Games, Piko Interactive, Bleem!
Year released1991
System(s)NES, Windows, Nintendo Switch
ModesSingle player
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Nightshade is an adventure game for the NES by Beam Software. Despite having an ostensibly serious plot the game is almost entirely humorous and frequently pokes fun at superhero fiction.

Nightshade takes place in the fictional Metro City. The city's guardian Vortex has been killed, causing the gangs to fight over control of the city until a villain named Sutekh united them into a single organisation. With Metro City now ruled by Sutekh and his henchmen, a vigilante named Mark Gray decides to rid the city of crime and becomes the mysterious Nightshade.

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