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Basic Enemies[edit | edit source]

All basic enemies can be killed with one hit. Ninja-kun can run into them without getting killed, although he may be stunned. Ninja-kun can also stun these enemies by dropping on top of them. With the exception of Armor, all enemies can be killed anytime. In order to kill Armor, it is necessary to stun it first, and then kill it before the stun wears off. When Ninja-kun kills one of these enemies, they leave a scroll behind. Each scroll is worth 100 points more than the points displayed when the scroll is collected.

Kuroko Skeleton
Defeat: 100 points
Scroll: 200 points (100 displayed)
Defeat: 200 points
Scroll: 300 points (200 displayed)
Lightning Boy Kabuki
Defeat: 200 points
Scroll: 400 points (300 displayed)
Defeat: 600 points
Scroll: 500 points (400 displayed)
Lion Dance Armor
Defeat: 400 points
Scroll: 600 points (500 displayed)
Defeat: 500 points
Scroll: 700 points (600 displayed)

Other enemies[edit | edit source]

Bat Eyeball
Health: 1, Defeat: 300 points
Bats fly back and forth throughout caverns. They are deadly to touch.
Health: 1, Defeat: 400 points
While you won't die from touching an eyeball, they will always stun you. Defeat them quickly before another danger gets too close.
Skeleton Neck Spider
Health: 1, Defeat: 400 points
Skeleton Necks are ghostly apparitions that fly through underground tunnels. They are deadly to touch.
Health: 2, Defeat: 400 points
Spiders approach by hopping. They require two hits to kill, but one bomb explosion will kill them instantly. They are deadly to touch.
Half Catfish Mini Dragon
Health: 4, Defeat: 600 points
Half Catfish lie in wait for prey to get close to them before they strike. They can take four hits before they die, but one bomb blast will kill them. They are deadly to touch.
These baby dragons are new to the world and love to explore. When they see something interesting, they run over to it to examine it. They will not kill Ninja-kun, but every time he touched by one, he is momentarily stunned. Mini Dragons cannot be killed.
Piranha Octopus
Health: 1, Defeat: 400 points
Piranhas generally swim in schools. They travel in one direction and rarely veer off course. They are deadly to touch.
Health: 1, Defeat: 200 points
Octopuses like to travel in groups, but they are much more likely to chase you once they notice you. They are deadly to touch.
Water Flea Dragon Child
Health: 1, Defeat: 200 points
These oversized crustaceans don't move too quickly, but they take up a lot of space. A hard shell protects their top, but their clear underbelly is vulnerable to attack.
Health: 255, Defeat: 900 points
You are likely to encounter one Dragon Child whenever are swimming. Contrary to popular belief, they aren't invincible, they are just incredibly strong and not worth fighting. Swim away from them.
Demon Fish Giant Daruma Doll
Demon Fish
Health: ∞
Unlike the Dragon Child, Demon Fish are invincible, so don't bother trying to fight them. Don't let the strange arms and legs fool you however, the only dangerous part of the demon fish is their head. You can safely swim through their body.
Note: In the home conversions, this enemy is replaced by a giant octopus.
Giant Daruma Doll
Health: 16, Defeat: 5000 points
As you get further into the game, you will encounter these giant Daruma dolls. The bounce along the ground with earth quaking force. You can dispatch them with two bombs.

Fiery Chariot[edit | edit source]

If you take too long to complete a stage, or remain in one place for too long, a wheel of fire will appear on one side of the screen and fly across to the other side. As it crosses, it rises or falls with the height of your ninja. Touching the wheel is lethal. The wheel will appear whenever you remain in one place for more than ten seconds, or if your timer drops down to 20 seconds remaining. When the timer reaches 0 seconds, the wheel will become much faster and more aggressive, making it much more difficult to avoid.