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  • Neutral dpad: Use the d-pad to control the movement of Ninjakun. Ordinarily, you will only use left and right to run around. However, if you are ever riding the giant frog, pressing down will cause the frog to drop down one floor.
  • A button: Press the A button to make Ninjakun jump. Press it with left or right to jump in either direction. If there is a gap in the floor over your head, you can jump up to the next floor.
  • B button: Press the B button to make Ninjakun throw one throwing star. You can only have one throwing star on the screen at one time.
  • Start button: Pauses the game.
  • Select button: Not used.



NJK Ninjakun.png You control Jajamaru-kun as he attempts to rescue Princess Sakura. To fight his enemies, Jajamaru-kun must throw shurikens at them, while avoiding any of the projectiles thrown at him by the enemies. Jajamaru's shurikens can also block an enemy's projectiles. Jajamaru can jump on the heads of the enemies to stun them and make them easier to defeat. Whenever he defeats an enemy, a spirit is released that floats up to the sky that Jajamaru-kun can catch for bonus points. He can also break weak points in the floors above him by jumping and hitting them with his head. Some of the floors contain power-ups that he can collect. Jajamaru-kun earns an extra life at 20,000 and 50,000 points. NJK Ninjakun Star.png

Princess Sakura[edit]

NJK Princess Sakura.png This is the damsel in distress that Jajamaru-kun must rescue. She doesn't do much besides watch Jajamaru-kun's efforts. However, once per stage, she tosses a Sakura petal down. If Jajamaru-kun manages to collect three of them, he can enter a bonus round where he fights Damazu-Dayuu (Catfish Pirate) directly. NJK Sakura Petal.png


NJK Catfish Pirate.png The evil antagonist that capture the Princess. Knowing that someone might try to rescue the princess, he assigned several demons to guard his various hideouts. Ordinarily, Damazu does not intervene in the demons' attack, but occasionally he will make things difficult for Ninjakun by tossing bombs down at him. NJK Bomb.png



NJK Ghost Girl.png 100 points. This is the first enemy that you will encounter, and as such, are relatively easy to defeat. In the first round, all eight enemies will be Oyuki. They infrequently throw ice daggers at you. NJK Ice Bolt.png


NJK Kurobee.png 200 points. Kurobee is the first boss enemy that you will encounter, in stage 2. As a boss enemy, he is quicker and throws more projectiles at you than the Oyuki. However, When it becomes a regular enemy on stage 4, it's not so tough. He throws sickles at you. NJK Sickle.png


NJK Karakassa.png 300 points. The Karakassa appears on stage 4 as the boss enemy. They are just as vulnerable to attack as normal enemies, but they jump around quite a bit. To attack you, they toss an endless supply of sandals from their one foot. NJK Sandal.png


NJK Headbone.png 400 points. The Headbones first appears on stage 7. Surrounded by Karakassa, he is easily identified by his white skull. They toss their own bones at you to attack. NJK Bone.png

Pin Cell[edit]

NJK Pin Cell.png 500 points. The Pin Cell shows up as the boss enemy of stage 10. He is the first enemy that requires a bit of strategy to take down. They cannot be attacked by Ninjakun's throwing stars unless they are stunned. So plan to jump on their head before striking at them. To attack you, they fling their own eye gook at you. NJK Eye Shot.png


NJK Kakutan.png 600 points. The Kakutan (appearing first on stage 13) need to be stunned in order to be killed, just like the Pin Cells. Avoid the blocks that they toss, and approach them with care. By the time he shows up, all eight enemies must be jumped on before being killed. NJK Block.png

Plate Woman[edit]

NJK Plate Woman.png 100 points. The Plate Women replace the Oyuki in the Vs. arcade version of the game. As the first enemy that you encounter, they are easily defeated. They toss the very plates on their heads to attack you. NJK Plate.png

100 Eyes[edit]

NJK 100 Eyes.png 500 points. The 100 Eyes monster replaces, naturally, the one eyed Pin Cell. And just like the Pin Cells, the 100 Eyes must be stunned first before it can be killed. Being composed almost entirely of eyes, it throws eyeballs at you to attack. NJK Eyeball.png


NJK Tamashii.png The Tamashii is not an actual enemy, but the spirit energy that gets released from a defeated enemy. When an enemy drops off the bottom of the screen, the Tamashii will appear exactly where the enemy was killed, and rise to the top of the screen. If Ninjakun can collect it, he will be awarded the same number of points as he earned for defeating the enemy. If Ninjakun is standing right where the enemy was killed, the Tamashii can not appear until he moves from that spot.


Items can be found by breaking the breakable segments of the floors above you with your head. Not every segment will contain an item, but those that do will show the item once the segment is destroyed. The item will remain in place until the next segment is destroyed.


NJK Bombs.png If you see these two black circles appear, stay away. You will only lose your life if you jump up and try to collect them.


NJK Silver Coin.pngNJK Gold Coin.png Coins will appear in the floor from time to time. The silver coins are worth 500 points while the gold ones are worth 1000.

Extra Life[edit]

NJK Extra Life.png Naturally, these tiny Ninjakuns provide you with one extra life.


NJK Medicine.png If you collect the Medicine, you will turn transparent. No harm can come to you during this time, but you are still free to fling your ninja stars at enemies. The only time this becomes a problem is when you are fighting against monsters that must be stunned in order to kill. You will pass right through them and will have to wait until the effect wears off.

Speed Ball[edit]

NJK Red Ball.png Grabbing this red ball will speed Ninjakun up considerably. A by-product of this effect is that your throwing stars will travel twice as far as well.

Throwing Star[edit]

NJK Throwing Star.png By picking up this power-up, Ninjakun can throw his throwing stars all the way to the end of the screen. And if they hit an enemy, they will keep right on going.

Tram Car[edit]

NJK Tramcar.png The tram car is a fun power-up to collect. Once you grab it, Ninjakun will ride around in a little tram car, and he can literally run over any enemy he can get to. The enemies that he crushes are worth 1000 points instead of their usual point values.

Ninja Art[edit]

Ninjakun can invoke a special Ninja Art known as the giant from summon. He can do this if he manages to collect three different power-ups out of the four available. They must be distinct power-ups. For example, if you find Medicine, Speed Ball, Medicine, Tram Car, the Ninja Art will not be invoked until the Tram Car is collected. The Ninja Art is invoked instead of the regular effect that the power-up would provide. Alternatively, you will also invoke the Ninja Art for every fourth extra life you collect.

NJK Gamapakun.png When the Ninja Art is invoked, Gamapakun, the giant frog, will appear and allow Ninjakun to ride on his back. When Gamapakun appears, time seems to stop, and the enemies are frozen in place. They glow with an eerie energy, but that's OK because Gamapakun can eat that energy, thereby removing the enemies from the stage. Once Gamapakun arrives, it's very easy to finish off the rest of the stage provided you don't waste any time. Any enemy Gamapakun eats is worth 1000 points.