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First mountain scene
Second mountain scene
Demon castle scene
  • It is generally safer to attack enemies on your way up or down to the level that they are patrolling. It is safer still to land with their back turned to you.
  • Make sure not to waste too much time, as you must defeat all eight enemies within the stage time limit.
  • Take the opportunity to stun enemies from below by jumping into the enemies when they are properly positioned above you. Be sure to throw a star at them as soon as you get the chance or the enemy will rise back up.
  • Avoid jumping or falling to levels that possess more than one enemy as you can get pinned between their weapons. If you need to, you can bounce off the sides of the screen as you jump.
  • At the same time, don't stand on one level for too long waiting for the way above or below to clear out, or the onibi (demon flame) will appear and begin chasing you. If you can't progress, jump or fall to another level every couple of second just to keep moving.
  • The scenes cycle between the first mountain scene, the second mountain scene, and the demon castle scene. Each scene's layout is constant throughout the game.
  • Stage 1 and 2 contain only Kurosus. Stage 3 contains seven Kurosus and one Doruma.
  • Stage 4 through 6 contains seven Dorumas and one Kabuki. Watch out for the Kabuki's bombs.
  • Stage 7 through 9 contains seven Kabukis and one Thundster. Continue to avoid the Kabuki bombs and be aware of the Thundster's location to avoid getting killed by his lightning.
  • Stage 10 through 12 contains seven Thundsters and one Liondance. Carefully remove each Thundster by dropping or jumping up behind them so you don't get shocked. Wait for the Liondance to drop down to you in order to avoid the flames the erupt from the Liondance's weapon.
  • Stage 13 through 15 contains seven Liondances and one Skeleton. Be especially careful not to jump to a level that is occupied by a lot of flames. Try to keep two levels clear and defeat Liondances as soon as they occupy them so they don't have the chance to fire.
  • Stage 16 through 18 contains seven Skeletons and one Orochi. Compared to the previous levels, this should be much easier since you don't have to deal with fire. Just beware of the Skeletons ability to throw swords at you very quickly. Approach the Orochi with caution.
  • Stage 19 through 21 contains seven Orochis and one Armor. Be patient when dealing with Orochis. If too many occupy one or two levels together, it can be difficult to avoid their projectiles. Wait until they space out and remove them one at a time. Save the Armor for last unless you have a great opportunity to collide with him from below.
  • Stage 22 through 24 contains seven Armors and one Kurosu. Since it is easier to attack the Armors from below than from above, it's a good idea to lure the Armors to the top of each scene, drop back down below them, and attack from beneath. Repeat as much as necessary. The Kurosu in these stages will generally avoid staying on the same level as you.
  • Stage 25 through 33 contain a random mix of every enemy in the game. Stage 25 through 27 takes place in the first mountain scene, stage 28 through 30 takes place in the second mountain scene, and stage 31 through 33 takes place in the demon castle scene.
  • After stage 33, the stages repeat themselves from the first stage on.

Bonus Round[edit]

Bonus stage
  • You must collect as many orbs as possible in the given time limit. Unlike the regular stages, you do not see this time limit.
  • In order to maximize on the time that you have, it is important to learn how to collect two orbs, one above the other, in one jump. By jumping on one side of an orb, you will end up picking the lower orb up with your feet, and collecting the top orb with your head.
  • Other times it is easier to bounce off the side of the screen after collecting one orb in order to collect the one above it.
  • At the top of the castle, you will typically have to jump off from the roof to reach the highest orb, and another one below it close to the side of the screen.

Famicom changes[edit]

Famicom version
  • In general, the Famicom version is a very faithful adaptation with only slightly simplified graphics.
  • The game play is a little slower in comparison to the arcade.
  • It does not contain the Liondance, Skeleton, or Orochi enemies. Armors appear after the Thundsters.
  • Scrolls do not contain Princess or Monk cards, so you can collect them without fear of losing any.