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Items are available in stores, found on walks, and during Bark Mode. The nature of items vary but they generally fall into 3 types of use: consumables for your dog, toys for them to play with, and accessories to dress them up.


Sports items are used to play fetch. They can also be handed over for casual chewing.

Name Description Availability Buy Sell
White Rubber Bone
Red Rubber Bone
Tennis Ball
Bark Ball
Rubber Mushroom
Soccer Ball
? Block
Dice Cushion
Terry Cloth Cube
Red Flying Disc
Yellow Flying Disc
Khaki Camo Disc
Pink Aerodisc


Toys are items you can use to play games other than fetch.

Name Description Availability Buy Sell
Pull Rope Once a dog bites down on this rope, tug it swiftly up into the air to start a tussle for rope supremacy
Jump Rope


Each dog can only wear one accessory. Selecting a new one will put away the old one.

Name Description Availability Buy Sell
Red Leather Collar
Black Leather Collar
Purple Leather Collar
Green Leather Collar
Pumpkin Leather Collar
Blue Leather Collar
Rainbow Collar
Platinum Collar
Spiked Collar
Red Ribbon
Checked Ribbon
Striped Ribbon
Red Polka-Dot Ribbon
Tricolor Ribbon
Pair of Scholar Glasses
Pair of Business Glasses
Pair of Sport Glasses
Red & Blue Cap
Newsboy Hat
Red Hat
Green Hat
Santa's Hat


Care items are your general pet supplies.

Name Description Availability Buy Sell
Dog Biscuit
Jerky Treat
Water Bottle
Milk Carton
Dry Food
Dog Food Can
Short-Hair Shampoo
Long-Hair Shampoo
Rubber Brush
Wire Brush
Dog Care Book
Dog Training Book
Bark Mode Book
Disc Competition Book
Agility Trial Book
Obedience Trial Book


The majority of items in the music category are music boxes. To play a song select the music box and it will appear on your screen. Make a circling motion over the music box with the Stylus button to play it.

Name Description Availability Buy Sell
"Dog's Theme" Box
"Dictionary" Box
"Naptime" Record
"White" Record


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White Record[edit]

The White Record allows a user to record a message. This message can then be transferred to another trainer whilst in Bark Mode.

The user can Record, Listen, and Delete the voice recording.


Clocks customize your interface. These make it so you can change the themes of your clock icons on the upper screen.

Name Description Availability Buy Sell
Modern Clock This clock features a simple, modern design that works in any home.
Clover Clock This four-leaf-clover clock and its leaf green color brings luck to the unlucky.
Marble Clock The purple numbers get swallowed by this clock's psychedelic design.


Etc. type items are items that don't fall into any of the traditional categories. The majority of these are random mundane items that can be tossed to a dog and chewed on as a toy.

Name Description Availability Buy Sell
Tissue Box
Dog Photo
Disposable Camera
Juice Bottle
Leather Shoe
Black Boot
Lisa Doll
Stuffed Dog
Piggy Bank