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Practice makes perfect
Every walk your dog takes will increase how far it can walk on future outings. A longer walk will allow you both to visit more events and locations in the same outing.

A dog usually should go for a walk at least once a day. You begin by drawing a path on a map. The path must go from your house, and then back. You can only draw as much path as you can with the dog's stamina bar in the lower left corner. Once this bar runs out, you must start from your house, and redraw another path. A dog's stamina increases after every walk. On the map, boxes with question marks appear randomly. Drawing your path to touch these activates them. When you reach that place on your walk, you will either receive a present, or talk with a friend who also is walking their dog. Presents become rarer farther away from home. Presents are extremely rare when encountered in places other than question marks. A dog can run along side you, by sliding the stylus to the right side of the screen quickly. The dog can be stopped by releasing the stylus from the screen or dragging it to the left of the screen.

Beware of garbage[edit]

If your dog is hungry before the walk starts, it will look for trash to eat. Trash will then be on the streets. If you see trash, it is best to quickly take your dog away from it. Tug on the dog's leash by dragging the stylus away from the trash towards the right side of the screen.

If your dog eats the trash it will become sick for a short amount of time. What random piece of garbage it ate will also show up on its status screen as the most recent thing eaten.

Bag duty[edit]

Your dog will urinate or poop at least once during your walk. You should pick up your dog's poop, by tapping it, or else friends will scold you often. Your dogs latest urination spots will be on the map, represented by flashing blue dots. The bigger the dot, the more recent it has been added there. A dog will almost always stop and sniff the area where it once urinated.


While walking your dog you can go to discount stores, parks, and areas specialized for contest training. You can go to as many places as your dog can walk to in a single outing.

The Park[edit]

Preparing to compete
The park is an ideal place to get out a frisbee to both play with your dog and train for the Frisbee catching contests.

The park is a nice place to take your dog to play with other dogs. While at one of the parks you and your dog can play with some of the neighboring dogs if they are also there. If you throw out a toy all of the dogs will play with it together (except for the ones that are afraid of that specific toy).

Like when you are at home it is possible to use items here. If you are not careful while giving out food or treats one of the visiting dogs can and will jump in and take it for themselves.