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Defeated Rank 10: "Death Metal"
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
15 Gamerscore points
Defeated Rank 10: "Death Metal"
You are recognized as Rank 10 on the UAA Ranking.

Death Metal is the first boss of the game. He uses a over-sized cleaver-like blade with a beam edge.

The easiest way to beat Death Metal:

  1. Go right up to him and guard. While he is attacking you, continually push the control stick left or right (choose a single direction) you will do a "quick dodge" that will leave him wide open to attack.
  2. When he becomes stunned by your sword combos (trying to stun him with your melee moves is useless) give him the grappling move—it does more damage than completing your combos.
  3. At about 1/3 health, he will summon clones of himself. Just dispatch them the same way you were fighting Death Metal before (1 and 2). He will not summon more clones unless you let him. Finish his last bit of health and enjoy your cutscene.

Defeating Death Metal gets you the #10 spot, a vitality boost and some LBs (in the box) and access to Santa Destroy.