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Practice jumping.
  • Left dpad: Move left
  • Right dpad: Move right
  • Down dpad: Crouch or climb down a ledge
  • Up dpad: Jump up or grab a ledge above or face away/Go through a door
  • Triangle button: Jump
  • Circle button: Throw
  • Cross button: Crouch
  • Square button: Pick up item or tap bomb while crouching or pull lever
  • R1 button: Hold to run
  • R2 button: Hold to sneak
  • L1 button | L2 button | R1 button | R2 button: Hold any two to Chant


Gamespeak for the PlayStation.
Gamespeak for the PC.

Complex Controls[edit]

Possess an enemy or animal; chant again to explode or release
Open a bird portal
You cannot chant with a zapper robot in the room; if holding a grenade or rock, you will drop it
Jump while running to perform a long jump
Pressing the D-Pad in the direction you are facing will result in a long throw
Pressing the D-Pad in the opposite direction will result in an upwards throw
Pressing the D-Pad in the up direction will result in a higher-arced throw
Throwing while crouched will result in a small throw
Holding the throw button starts a countdown to explosion on the grenade
Tapping Mines
Some mines will blink green and red. Crouch next to them and press Playstation-Button-S.png to deactivate the mine when it is green, or press Playstation-Button-S.png to reactivate the mine.