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Beware the Sligs; they're after you, but you have no weapons!

Abe is just a modest laborer at Rupture Farms, ignoring the faults of the company, until one day as he cleans the hallways he listens in on a conference. He and his race of Mudokons are next on the list of meals produced by Rupture Farms! He now plans to escape from the factory, but he is instantly noticed. Now, it's up to you to guide Abe through Rupture Farms and to his destiny, something much more than he expected. However, it's not going to be as simple as it seems. Abe will have to use his spiritual powers as weapons, considering he has no fighting abilities whatsoever. It's all up to your mind, not your button-mashing skills.

Part 1[edit]

Oddworld Abe'sOddysee Zulag 1-1.jpg

You're technically being chased, but you don't have to worry about that. Walk to the barrel and press down twice to drop below to Secret Area I. With those three Mudokons, continue to the right.
You can practice your run-jump by running at the ledge and jumping at the last minute to hang on to the ledge. Otherwise, you can walk right below it and "hoist" yourself up.
Go through the door and into the background. Run to the right.
Go through the door and back into the foreground. Beware the Slig and continue to the right.
Obviously, beware the mines! Remember this room. Leap the first gap and then run-jump the second.
Now it's time for your first strategic maneuver with Sligs. Possess the Slig by praying and run it to the lever. Pull that and run to the right until C11. Shoot this sleeping Slig and then continue praying to destroy the possessed Slig.
Continue to the right.
Don't pull the lever. It is not a good idea. Instead, return to the left but on the lower path. Back in C04, climb down behind the barrel.

Secret Areas[edit]

Secret Area I
Walk to the left edge and leap on to the lower problem. Climb down below on this ledge. Sneak near the edge of the platform and leap to the other side. You should be hanging. If not, get hanging! As soon as the awakened Slig drops to the lower area climb back up. Now, pull the lever right when the Slig walks on to the trap door. Return to the previous room. Back here, walk past the left saw and pull the lever to switch the speeds of the saws. The other Mudokons are not intelligent enough to make it past the fast saws. However, you will have to roll past this saw that is now fast. It shouldn't be very difficult.
This may be hard, considering it is your first Mudokon, but you should be able to do it. Walk past the saw and say hello to the nearest Mudokon. Lead him across the saw. Make sure you wait until the other Mudokon has the most time! Sometimes it is necessary to hop to the lower room and tell that Mudokon to wait, but you should be fine. Pull the right lever and lead the other Mudokon below. If they aren't all at the bottom, lead them to the bottom. Now chant to free all three. Yay!

Part 2[edit]

Secret Areas[edit]

Part 3[edit]

Secret Areas[edit]