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Box artwork for Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure.
Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure
Developer(s)Synergistic Software
Publisher(s)Synergistic Software
Year released1980
System(s)Apple II
Preceded byWilderness Campaign
Followed byApventure to Atlantis
SeriesCampaign Apventure
ModesSingle player
LinksOdyssey: The Compleat Apventure ChannelSearchSearch

Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure is a videogame written by Robert Clardy and released by Synergistic Software in 1980. It was created for the Apple II platform and is considered one of the first microcomputer-based role-playing games. The title was intentionally misspelled; "Apventure" is a reference to the Apple computer.

Although primitive by today's standards, Odyssey was considered cutting-edge for its time, making use of the Apple II's two graphics modes (high-resolution and low-resolution), and text. The game was written in Integer BASIC and was one of the first microcomputer games to be created using multiple programs, requiring floppy disc activation and access mid-game. (This feature, however, led to a way in which the player could cheat: by removing the disk when the computer required access, a cursor flashes on screen; typing "goto 770" would fool the computer into thinking that the player had just opened up a treasure box. This is one of the earliest known examples of a cheat code.) Prior to this, most games were self-contained, single programs; Odyssey was split into several different programs and took up an entire disk. The game also made use of rudimentary sound effects.

A forerunner of Akalabeth and Ultima, Odyssey is a multi-part adventure game that places the player in the role of the leader of an army who sets out to vanquish an evil wizard. Elements of Dungeons & Dragons can be found within the game, which combines elements of two earlier games written by Clardy: Dungeon Campaign and Wilderness Campaign.

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