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Box artwork for Off the Wall.
Box artwork for Off the Wall.
Off the Wall
Developer(s)Atari Games
Publisher(s)Atari Games
Year released1991
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Off the Wall (1991) marquee

Off the Wall is a Breakout-style arcade game, that was released by Atari Games in 1991; it utilises a Motorola 68000 microprocessor running at 7.15909 MHz and a Motorola M6502 sub-microprocessor running at 1.7895 MHz (with a Yamaha YM-2151 running at 3.579 MHz for audio).


Players use three rotary controls to move three paddles on the left side (1P), bottom (2P) and right side (3P) of the screen vertically (1P/3P) or horizontally (2P), bouncing a ball into various formations of blocks to destroy them, and eventually into an exit in the centre of the screen - and some of the blocks also glow, indicating that they will leave powerups behind when destroyed. However, some of the waves feature new blocks being airdropped by parachute to replace the ones you destroyed, indestructible and moving blocks, and objects that either deflect or put spin on the ball; in a multiplayer game, you shall also only gain points for destroying a block when the ball's colour matches that of your paddle.

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