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Input Description
Up dpad Command ally to attack every enemy
Right dpad Command ally to follow and attack
Down dpad Command ally to guard
Left dpad Exclusive to each ally
Cross button Absorb souls
Triangle button Magical attack
Square button Attack
Circle button Examine
L1 button Guard
L2 button Switch characters
R1 button Target enemy, strafe
R2 button Special attack
L3 button Move character
R3 button Move camera
L3 button+R3 button Transform
R1 button+Circle button Kick



Soki uses a big broadsword and has three sets of attacks based on the weapon he's been equipped with.

  • Five combo weapons

The first four attacks of these kinds of weapons are fast, but the last one is a little slower and leaves Soki open for an attack.

  • Four combo weapons

These weapons are the same as the five combo weapons, minus the last swing.

  • Three combo weapons

These types of swords are very slow, but powerful. Generally not recommended against fast enemies since it requires way too much time between each swing to perform.


  • Whirlwind: Down lstick then Up lstick then Square button

Soki will jump and do a wide, powerful horizontal strike as he comes back down and hits the ground. The enemies can't hit you while you're in mid-air.

  • Phoenix: Up lstick then Down lstick then Square button

Soki will do two slowish horizontal strikes. Quite powerful and has a long range.

  • Thrust: Up lstick+Square button

A quick forward stab that doesn't knock the enemy back, this attack should be used in combination with the Blade Jab (see below).

  • Blade Jab: After Thrust Up lstick+Square button

Another, more powerful forward stab inflicting multiple hits. Knocks the enemy back a lot.

  • Lift: Down lstick+Square button

Launches small enemies mid-air doing little damage.

  • Slam: After Lift Up lstick+Square button

This will perform up to three shoulder slams based off how many times you press the button. Execute this attack when the enemy is in mid-air right above Soki.

  • Finisher: Square button before grounded enemy while standing still

Soki will stab his sword into the enemy's chest. Tap Square button again to inflict more damage.

  • Head Splitter: Square button+Cross button

Soki will hold his sword in the air and do one powerful strike on the enemy. This is a slow attack, so don't use it against fast enemies.

Special attack[edit]

These type of attacks can only be performed when Soki's sword is glowing orange, when a special attack is performed the sword will recharge after a while.

  • Coil: R2 button

Soki will spin his sword around him hitting any nearby enemy. If Soki is attack during the Coil he won't be knocked back or stop the attack, he will take damage though. This attack has a great range and will knock back smaller enemies.

  • Stab: Up lstick+R2 button

Soki will throw his sword at the enemies in front of him. This attack has a great range and does quite a lot of damage.

  • Flight: Down lstick+R2 button

Soki will spin his sword before him and then stab it into the ground before him. Useful against slow, downed enemies.

Oni awakening[edit]

When Soki is transformed every attack will draw out orbs, which will be automatically absorbed. When Triangle button is pressed Soki will perform the Oni Cutter.