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  • SP (Energy): The points used to cast spells and use Special Skills.


Combat is split into turns. Each turn begins with the Player Phase and ends with the Enemy Phase. During Player Phase each character can move and perform 1 action. Your opponents will do the same during the Enemy Phase.

Weapon ranges are based on the specific type of weapon used. Most weapons have a range of 1 and can only be used to attack an enemy directly adjacent to the attacking unit. Spears have a range of 2. Bows and guns are long range weapons. Attacks can not hit opponents that are on terrain that is really high or really low compared to where the attacker is.


When move has been selected the squares around your character will become blue. These show how far your character can move this turn. After moving you can attack, use skills, use items, or Issen (if available).

If you move somewhere that is undesirable press B button to go back to where you started.

Attacking and Special Skills[edit]

Before attacking red squares will appear around you. This is a visual display of what targets you can hit. Once you select the target in the red selection

Specials are actions that are either special attacks or spells.


Any character can use an item instead of attacking. However each item needs to be equipped to each character before they can use them. It is best to try to make every character have at least 1 healing item like an Herb.


Don't lose it
If a character does anything other than move while using Issen their Issen will be canceled.

Once certain conditions have been met there is a random chance the action Issen will become available on the menu. Issen is a strong counterattack that won't only counter the attacking enemy, it will also let you avoid their attack. If a character does get the ability to use Issen be sure to move them to a location where they will be attacked this turn. If no enemies attack a character using Issen the move does nothing.

Issen can only be used by a character that has either a sword, spear, or axe equipped.

Oni Guantlet[edit]

The Oni Guantlet absorbs the souls of Genma. They are used for making new items and equipment.